Identifying the Money Keywords for Affiliate Marketing & SEO

Pared down keyword list

Keyword targeting can make all the difference revenue wise when working on SEO for an affiliate site that relies on SEO as its primary marketing method. You have vanity terms, traffic terms and then you have your "money" terms. Seeing results from ...
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What You Need to Understand about Google Penguin Recovery

Penguin determined that was a lie

Anyone who runs an SEO agency has experienced the following scenario. A client comes to you and explains they ranked number one for a keyword(s) before Penguin. They got hit, having fallen into near invisibility in the Google SERPs and are ...
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SEMRush Review – A Kickass Keyword Research Tool, Rank Tracker & More

domain vs domain chart

I've "known about" SEMRush for a long time. I'd heard people mention it and had seen the site, but I'd never really used it until my partner in PushFire signed up for it. He loved the service - and since we were paying for it - I decided to fully ...
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Yes Virginia, Google+ Can Directly Impact Your Search Rankings

Miracle on 34th Street

Every time I see an article about how Google +1s currently have no direct impact on search rankings, I cringe a little bit. Not because I believe Google +1's DO currently have a direct impact on your search engine rankings. The reason I cringe is ...
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9 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Income on Your Blog

Increasing Revenue

So you've got a blog and you're doing affiliate marketing - with either no success, little success or great success (high five!) - but hey, you're always looking for ways to make more. Below are 9 things I've done over the years - with success - to ...
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Link Building with the Experts – 2013 Edition

Link Experts Interview

It's tiiiiime! Once again I've gathered some of the best minds on link building to have an in depth discussion on the state of link building in 2013. I've been doing this series since 2007 - you can check out the past editions below: Link ...
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My Week Without Any Social Media – Except for Google+

Social Lockdown

Last week, my husband and I were talking about Google+ - mainly the multiple statements made by Google about where they hope to take Google+ as far as how they'd ideally (and eventually) like to roll it into being an algo factor. I'm a HEAVY user ...
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It’s Time for Facebook to Start Assuming More Social Responsibilty

Social networks and social responsibility

This is a personal rant I feel compelled to share. This morning I came across an Amber Alert on Facebook that was shared by someone I'm connected to in my newsfeed. It was a heartbreaking notice of a (local to me) 18 month old child who was ...
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The 2013 Sugarrae Reader Survey

Sugarrae survey 2013

It's time for the (now) annual reader survey. This is your chance to tell me a little about you, what you like about the blog, what you don't like about the blog and what you'd like to see more of (both on the Sugarrae site and on its social ...
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Content Marketing is the “Escort” of Online Marketing

Content Marketing Escort

Content Marketing. It's the new buzz word flowing around the Internet marketing community for the last year or so. I've been doing this online marketing "thing" for over a decade. When I first heard the phrase "content marketing" I was a little ...
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