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How to Survive the Affiliate Evolution


  1. Hi Rae;
    I found your blog through PRWeb and enjoy reading few articles so far. I have been working with some musicians as manager and recently working with a studio based new age musician and it is kind of hard to find affiliate programs for musicians and for this specific genre (New Age), it has been even harder (at least for me).

    I wonder if you have some ideas of how to find the right affiliate websites to promote/sell some more CD/MP3 s through them.

    Thanks for your help and great blog posts.

    Best regards;

  2. Mart Shark says:

    Fancy missing an affiliate opportunity off your Amazon Don’t Make Me Think link. Tut tut :-)

  3. Matthew Martell says:

    Rae, It’s 7 years later. It seems this advice is still industry standard. Do you see the next shift happening? All I’m seeing are tools that make doing all of the above even easier.

    Perhaps engaging in a teaching conversation with customers is the root of great sales.
    Besides having better and better tools, have we “arrived”?

    Matthew Martell

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Ha, yeah, every year or so I come back to this post to see if I can update it and it pretty much hasn’t needed it yet. :) I think solving problems is the root of most affiliate sales – especially those from a personal brand perspective. :)

  4. Sonia Simone says:

    Nearly nine years in and this post still kicks ass …

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