Do Popups Work for Increasing List Sign-ups? (and an OptinMonster Review)


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  1. Meg Geddes says:

    Last month I recommended this technology to one of my ecommerce clients, for implementation on their Magento store. Increasing their list is a huge priority for them, and I look forward to being able to play with the various options and A/B testing.

    One of the the things that I’m particularly excited about is having separate pop-ups for different parts of the site – for example, we have a BOGO sale twice a year on certain products, so we can tailor a message to show for anyone in those categories to the effect that newsletter subscribers get first crack at the yearly BOGOs. Looking forward to getting creative with it.

    • “separate pop-ups for different parts of the site”

      Yeah, OptinMonster has that feature and I’m definitely looking forward to playing with it further. :)

  2. Rae,

    1) What are your thoughts on employing popups on a site doing really well in Google organic search results?

    2) You use Aweber. Have you experimented with their popups?

    THANK YOU! A timely Post and VERY helpful!

    • From what I can tell, bounce rate seems unaffected and that would really be my only concern from that perspective. Additionally, I saw no issue with any of the sites I’m using them on and almost all rank well.

      Re aweber, no, I’ve never used their popups.

  3. Syed Balkhi says:

    Hey Rae,

    Syed here, I’m the co-founder of OptinMonster and have enjoyed several of your talks at Affiliate Summit.

    Thanks for sharing your review of OptinMonster, and I’m glad that you like the product.


  4. Optinmonster is working out of the box and working like a charm.

    Popup Domination gave problems on my website. Even after several promises made by chat and mail, nothing was done to fix the problems. So I strongly discourage to use Popup Domination.

  5. Sean Supplee says:

    I used to use popup domination myself it was good a few years ago but it does not seem to be keeping up to par with what Optin Monster now provides.

    I currently have this on my blog with great effect but I am curious about adding it to some of my core websites as well. This post most likely will get my butt into gear this weekend and do just that!

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