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27 Detailed Ways to Generate New Blog Post Ideas

By Rae / July 7, 2016 /

Coming up with good topics for your blog posts can be a struggle, especially after you have been blogging for a while. When I get inspired, blogging is easy for me. When I have to sit down and write like it’s homework because I need to publish two posts one week, I often sit there…

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A Call for a Search Discussion – How Google Works

By Rae / March 31, 2016 /

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I sometimes complain about the current state of the industry – most notably centered around what passes for research and discussion these days. It feels like people want to be handed the fish – with little interest in learning how the person with the fish caught…

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Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up

By Rae / January 26, 2014 /

As the entire search world knows, Matt Cutts released a post last week – I’m paraphrasing – warning us that Google now considers “low-quality guest posting” to be spam under their guidelines and will begin to take action per those beliefs. I don’t plan to revolve this post entirely around that announcement. If you didn’t…

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How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

By Rae / November 21, 2013 /

In my recent post on how to research a niche one of the topics I glazed over was checking for the presence of multiple affiliate programs. Assuming you’ve found a niche idea that passed the research litmus test (or are already in a niche), it’s time to dig deep to find the best affiliate programs…

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Women, Tech Conferences and the BullSh!t Surrounding It

By Rae / April 15, 2013 /

Damn it. I try so hard these days to resist doing things that don’t make me money. I do. But sometimes I make an exception and today is going to be one of those days. Today Debra Mastaler tweeted a link to an article in The Atlantic about the latest up in arms cause in…

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11 Things My Son Taught Me about Life & Business

By Rae / April 4, 2013 /

Yesterday I came across the Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck by Julien. I found myself nodding in agreement with each point he made. These were lessons I learned long ago thanks to the most courageous person I’ve ever known – my son CJ. He’s been gone for four months now. But the impact…

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48 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

By Rae / September 25, 2012 /

I entered the online marketing space 15+ years ago now – first running a non-profit website and then falling into the commercial side of things in the early 2000’s via affiliate marketing. While I was solely an affiliate until 2009, I tended to hang more in the search engine marketing space – because that was…

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How to Survive the Affiliate Evolution

By Rae / June 14, 2007 /

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while. If you’re new or just starting out in affiliate marketing, this post is not for you. I understand that you won’t neccessarily have the resources to pull this strategy off in it’s entirety. If you’re an affiliate who’s career is less than a year old,…

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