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27 Detailed Ways to Generate New Blog Post Ideas


  1. Rae,

    I have read a few SEO/Blogging sites that focus on ideas to generate new content.

    There are many ideas on here that I haven’t read about anywhere but look extremely effective.

    The idea of mining data/articles from old sites is Gold. Many blogs drop off after a few months/years, especially in my Niche from what I have seen.



    • Thanks Troy. :)

      Yeah, in some of my niches I’ve seen the frequent drop offs as well. Honestly, I usually find them by trying to visit something on their site. The content put up was good. Typically the blogger got bored or couldn’t make any money (or didn’t know how to), but a lot of times the content was quality and wasn’t their survival problem.

      Mining the old sites takes a little bit of work. The file from Wayback Downloads can take a few hours to overnight to show up depending on the site size. Once I have it – unzipping, uploading to dev, and crawling with Screaming Frog takes minimal time. Most of the time is spent waiting for the files to upload to the server and the crawl to complete. :)

  2. Brian Harnish says:

    Hi Rae! It’s been awhile. Hello! *waves*. This is great. Love the Answer the Public idea. That’s a tool that I (and several of my colleagues) use in our content marketing efforts. I am going to have to experiment with a few of these ideas too.

  3. Daniel King says:

    Hey Guys,

    My name is Daniel King and I own / run Wayback Downloads mentioned in this article. Let me know if you have any questions about the recovery process.

  4. Kim Rowley says:

    I was going to comment and tell you that you needed a pinnable image in your post with the title in it, but then I remembered that you’re the Pinterest master! When I clicked the Pinterest browser button, I saw it! Can I ask why you don’t actually include that image in your post?

    And it’s a great post – I learned a lot!!

    • Thanks! I was going to include it but it was big and not needed. My new site design will make those appear more friendly without taking up a ton of space. :)

  5. Sarah Thornburg says:

    Wow. Now I really have no more excuses to come up with new blog posts ideas except for putting in the hours. :) I especially like the threepeat rule!

    • Glad you liked it! Yeah, putting in the hours is definitely the harder part. BUT, it’s typically what separates the wheat from the chaff. :)

  6. Very insightful article. Especially the SEMRush domain comparison. Have been using SEMRush for years but have never even tried that.

    And answer the public really is a great tool. Ssh. :)

    Thanks :)

    • You’re welcome. I swear I feel like I find new features in tools I’ve been using for years all the time. A lot of them are robust or get added to over time. I’ve tried to make it a point to look around every six months now in the tools I regularly use looking for updates and new features. :)

  7. Matt Gardner says:

    Hey Rae, nice work but I’ve got a question for you… what are the three things in order or importance that you would recommend for someone just starting out..

  8. Claudia Blanton says:

    What an awesome and detailed post! I am also a fan of Semrush, and use Jaazy for my keyword searches. You included so many links here, that I have to look at all of them!

    This is my first time on your blog, I found you via Ninja Outreach. Blessings!

  9. Great post, Rae. Question- what do you consider the difference to be between upcycling content and stealing others’ ideas (plagiarism)? I understand upcycling is providing a new angle… but do you give credit to the sites where you find the information that you got the original ideas from that you then build upon

    • I think it depends on how much – and what – you’re taking from it. I try and put myself in the person’s shoes. I broke down a post from a Google presentation once. Someone else did the same – even emailed me about it – but didn’t list me as the source of inspiration for doing the same exact style of post I did (which was very unique) for the same presentation – albeit it with different opinions. In that case, I definitely was a little annoyed by someone very obviously taking my idea without giving me credit.

      That might even be my bar. Is it obvious I leaned on another idea for a post? How would I feel if the original idea was mine – after seeing the upcycled version? In my example above, my post style was very unique, so it was obvious where their non-credited idea came from – and that’s shitty.

      If someone writes a post about “ways to come up with content ideas” that’s pretty generic and I don’t see the need for the credit, even if I’m the source of the inspiration. Providing they don’t swipe my same 27 tools and rewrite them, I’m cool.

      Some of my uses for the tools above were coming from a very specific angle or are pretty unique – like mining dead websites. If they use my angle for a tool or a very unique method, they should credit it. If they’re just looking at my list in conjunction with multiple other lists to simply find a huge list of tools to then come up with their own angles on, no harm no foul.

      That’s my take anyway. :)

  10. Stewart Kelly says:

    Glad you left out Number 28 Rae, have a catastrophic event, i.e. a plumbing disaster, interrupt your life. Trust all is well now and you are back on track.

    • Ugh – tell me about it. I’m still missing floors as the flooring guys couldn’t start until mid-October. It’s been a real pain in the ass LOL.

  11. Emmerey Rose says:

    Awesome tips Rae! You might want to check Buzzsumo as well in searching for keywords :) Have you tried it?

  12. Emmerey Rose says:

    It can be hard sometimes to brainstorm of what topics to post next. Thanks for the very helpful tips Rae! I was wondering, how often do you suggest we post new content?

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