How to Make Your WordPress Website Secure (SSL) in 6 Steps

By Rae / July 19, 2017 /

If you’ve looked into search engine optimization as a promotional technique for your website, you have likely come across the advice to make your website secure (having an https:// appear in front of your URLs instead of http://). Google has been very vocal in pushing for all websites to make the move to being secure,…

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What Happened When I Flipped a WordPress Based Site from http to https

By Rae / January 15, 2016 /

In mid-July of 2015, I decided to flip the Sugarrae.com site to https using SSL. In the last eighteen+ months, Google has been pushing hard to “make SSL happen.” They even said it might give you a bit of a rankings boost, no doubt knowing that tons of SEOs and business owners would begin flipping…

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Creating a Custom 404 Page with Genesis – Tutorial

By Rae / February 28, 2013 /

Genesis uses a very busy default 404 page. When I made the switch, I didn’t want to lose my old custom 404 page, but couldn’t figure out how to create a new one either. But I wanted my custom 404 page damn it. So, I asked the Genesis team for some help to make it…

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