11 Things My Son Taught Me about Life & Business

By Rae / April 4, 2013 /

Yesterday I came across the Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck by Julien. I found myself nodding in agreement with each point he made. These were lessons I learned long ago thanks to the most courageous person I’ve ever known – my son CJ. He’s been gone for four months now. But the impact…

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48 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

By Rae / September 25, 2012 /

I entered the online marketing space 15+ years ago now – first running a non-profit website and then falling into the commercial side of things in the early 2000’s via affiliate marketing. While I was solely an affiliate until 2009, I tended to hang more in the search engine marketing space – because that was…

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What Motivates You?

By Rae / March 10, 2011 /

At first, most people’s motivation is the same – pay the bills and make your business profitable. But even with the most basic of needs, sometimes, you can still lack the motivation required to get through the latest Dip. My solution to this for a long time has been a variation of the “dream board.”…

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There Are No Damn Silver Spoons (or Defining and Achieving Success Online)

By Rae / August 31, 2010 / Comments Off on There Are No Damn Silver Spoons (or Defining and Achieving Success Online)

I did an interview recently with Lynn Terry, who is someone I’ve “known” for a long time on the Internet (and yes, have met in real life). Lynn is one of the most genuine people I’ve met on the net (she reminds me a lot of Christine Churchill) and she knows her shit and works…

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How to Find a Pair of Balls

By Rae / September 15, 2008 /

First, if you’re offended by the post title, learn to have a sense of humor and relax a little. You might live a little longer. And if you take the advice in this post, you’ll likely enjoy those extra years a lot more. The other day I wrote a post over at Copyblogger about affiliate…

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My Entry to Internet Marketing

By Rae / October 2, 2006 /

Every year when my son’s birthday comes up, I’m reminded of how I entered this industry and I figured there might be some people who don’t know that story. In honor of the biggest hero in my life, my son CJ who turned nine today, I figured I’d share it on this blog for the…

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