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How to Easily Optimize and Losslessly Compress your Images and Theme Files in WordPress


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  1. Hey Rae,

    I too used Smush for a while and later realized I can much better optimize the images via Photoshop or the like. Have you tried to see the differences in optimization between using a plugin vs manual vs online image compression tool?


    • Oleg – I have no doubts hand optimization will likely produce tighter results than plugins. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time to do it, so the plugins come in really handy in those cases. :)

      I haven’t done a comparison between those three yet. However, I’ve been experimenting with CDNs and I can tell you that they have a big impact. We’re using it on PushFire, but it’s more complicated to execute on https. Once I have those kinks worked out, Sugarrae will move to using a CDN as well.

  2. Dave LeBlanc says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was ready to download WPSmush for a new website until I read this article.

    I already got a bit of a bump up from Google, Pingdom and GTX on their speed tests.

    • Nice! Yeah, as I mentioned, the site theme files was a big plus for EWWW in my book. When I was using Smush, I was having to optimize that stuff by hand and it was a pain and time consuming. :)

  3. Great article.
    I was actually manually optimizing each image before uploading, but I just started using the EWWW plugin and really appreciate the path for optimizing themes – great stuff.
    Will probably ditch the manual optimization – woohoo.

  4. Nicola Boschetti says:

    Hello Rae, after reading your article I have started using the EWWW plugin and really appreciate the powerness. I am wondering if you may provide (or, if there are) any tutorial(s) to go in-depth for tuning the plugin. Thanks.
    All the best – Nic

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