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Affiliate Datafeeds and Duplicate Content in a Panda World


  1. John Lincoln says:

    Great post Rae. This is so important. I dont think a lot of companies realize this, especially the impact post panda.

    • Thanks John. Yeah, I’ve even seen several merchants who don’t “have affiliates” affected because they’re giving Amazon the same feed they use on their own site. Panda leaves so many land mines lying around to people who have no idea to be looking for them.

  2. Kyle Sanders says:

    This is sage advice and nearly the same thing we’re rolling out on a new ecom store. We’re focused on ranking brand pages over category pages (manufacturers don’t sell direct) and are leaning toward noindexing *everything* in /shop and using lengthy, dense content pages or posts to rank for the high volume brand terms, with a clear path to purchase said brands products directly.

    The exact brand searches have less commercial intent, but make up for it in volume. I’m hoping we don’t see a big decline from the conversion rates we had when we ranked for them with traditional ecom brand pages (basically a category page for 1 brand). Pages and posts are just so much easier to rank with a little bit of link love, esp. if they’re 1500+ words and decent.

    Ever tried anything like that? Thoughts on it?

  3. Hi Rae,

    I’m an experienced health professional trying to build a coaching business. I am thinking that affiliate marketing may be a good way to start and increase my web presence at the same time. I came across Wealthy Affiliates and am wondering if a subscription service like this is a good way to start. I am aware that other organizations may offer similar programs though I am not sure how to find them or whom to trust. Otherwise, the technical stuff can feel overwhelming to me.

    Appreciate any advice!

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