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Grammarly Review – The Blogger’s (Free) Secret Weapon


  1. Tony Page says:

    I tend to be rather cynical about utilities claiming to be “grammar” authorities. Sometimes our never-ending quest for a quick fix is best served by eschewing the temptingly facile and putting in a bit of effort to educate ourselves. This article in the Economist (and the comments) would be a useful read before making the decision to shell out for the premium version of Grammarly: http://www.economist.com/blogs/johnson/2012/08/grammar-software

    Still, although correct grammar helps to improve comprehension, we should not allow its lack to cloud the value of what the writer has to say.

    • Tony, that article that you’ve linked is from August 2012. Looks like Grammarly has improved quite a bit since then.

    • I think if you’re relying on Grammarly to make you look like an English professor, you might be disappointed. For most bloggers, we’re not trying to appear as if we have English degrees. We’re just trying not to write run on sentences and give more clarity and polish to our posts. IMHO, Grammarly is perfect for that. :)

  2. James Pabling says:

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