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The Power of Channels for Increasing AdSense Revenue


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  1. John Ward says:

    RPM and eCPM are basically the same metric right? I recently tweaked some settings in adsense, don’t remember what they were, but my rpm went from less $2 to $22. It’s a low traffic site so not a good test by volume but I wish I knew exactly what change caused the increase in revenue.

  2. Thanks! I consider my self an Adsense newbie but hopefully I’ll get there. Just did what you recommended so let’s see what happens :)

  3. I recently launched a niche site a month ago and since the it has gotten 15k page views but I’ve only made 7.42. To me that seems really low. Is it because the site is new? I’ve created a custom chanel but that didnt seem to help. How can I increase this? Is it possible to get 10.00 per 1000 page views?

    • Barret – the general eCPM range is somewhat dependent on topic. Back in the day only your site topic determined what were “relevant ads” for your site, but nowadays, your site topic is only part of it, since ads that are technically “irrelevant” for your site will be shown as part of remarketing campaigns. However, your base topic has a big part in determining the base price it would cost for someone to outbid generic advertisers to remarket to someone. Long story short, eCPM / PRPM is largely dependent upon the topic of your site. When it comes to advertisers targeting your channels, there are a lot of factors that go into how much advertisers are willing to pay to appear on it. If they’re targeting your site, then they’re targeting your topic – once again circling us back around to that.

      For instance, a site about bankruptcy will likely really high eCPMs as a result of really high CPCs for the topic: http://www.semrush.com/info/bankruptcy+%28full+search%29 whereas a term like horoscope has really low CPCs: http://www.semrush.com/info/horoscope+%28full+search%29 and will have a much lower eCPM as a result. Some sites make much more than you on 15K impressions while others make much less. Custom channels help you make the most of your specific site’s earning potential.

      I have a post on researching a niche for profitability here: https://sugarrae.com/affiliate-marketing/conduct-niche-research-affiliate-site/

      Hope this helps.

      • That makes me feel really hopeful as I have about 2000 to 3000 page views per day. In the first week that I had AdSense running I made a bit over $30. I’ve began the second week of using it and I wanted to find out more about the custom channels.

        Also I noticed that there are “follow me” ads on AdSense. When a person visits a site the AdSense ad appears on just about ever page the targeted customer goes to regardless of it’s relevancy.

        I consider this to be a bane to the program because if someone visits an advertiser’s site as an already subscribed member then there’s no marketability to that potential customer, therefore no clicking through on an ad.

  4. Thx for the tutorial, was much needed given that even google does not have a detailed tutorial on this.

    I have a question taking ur example, suppose I have only one slot “above the fold” on all of my pages which are on sports, music, seo. I have created custom channel for each section ie sports, music and seo. Now advertiser will see each section individually as a placement target.

    What if a advertiser wants to take up all the top slots across my site? Would he need to bid for each section individually or I need to create another channel which considers only top slot?

    If a new channel is needed then how is this possible since the top slots in each section are already targeted using section targeting.

    thx again.

    • To my knowledge, you cannot create a master channel to cover all sub channels while using the subchannels unless an advertiser buys the master channel. The advertiser would need to bid on each custom channel individually.

  5. Thx for clearing the air. I spent almost 12 hours researching this and getting to the same conclusion. I did not wanted to miss anything that jeopardizes my websites Webmaster Welfare potential and more importantly to have to go thru each webpage to paste the updated code lol.


  6. Hey Rae,

    Don’t seem to find any option to apply annotations as mentioned by you. Please check with your account if that feature has been removed or moved somewhere.

  7. You nailed it !!

    Now this is why I always doubt if adsense has a feature or not. Most of the times it does have, just the user doesn’t knows where it is :)

    Its high time adsense does video tutorials on this. The more robust it becomes the more chances a newbie will get lost in the maze.

  8. This is basically the best “how to increase adsense earnings” I have seen on the Web. Is it possible for me to edit my running ads unit and create these custom channels?

    • Thanks James! You can. Click on My Ads and then on the ad name you want to assign a channel to. You’ll see the custom channels heading on that screen. Open the menu and click create new channel. Just keep in mind, as I said in the post, if you ever change the channel name, it will “reset” and any ads targeted to it will no longer be doing so unless the advertiser notices and retargets it, so name wisely!

  9. Thanks for this. I never thought to use the custom channels before.

  10. Oluwatobi Allen says:

    I have always thought that the use of custom channels will be so difficult so i never tried to learn about it but the way you explained it here was really helpful and well understood to me. Thanks a bunch! I will have to re-arrange and set up my channels to contain the right ad units immediately.

  11. You talk a lot without any code, wasted my time. Shame on you

    • 1. There is no code – it’s a series of steps and I listed them very clearly. So if you’re going to complain, at least complain about a real issue.
      2. So sorry I wasted your time with my free information.
      3. You can fuck right off my blog.


  12. Hi, question about description on Custom Channel. Where is that shown to the advertisements? I have checked on AdWords, and can’t see the description of the channels?

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