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One Change Increased My List Opt-In Conversion Rate By 56.35%


  1. Ana Hoffman says:

    I, as many other webmasters I am sure, am guilty of ‘taking another blogger’s word for it’ simply because I don’t have the time/desire/knowledge to run tests myself.

    However, it’s very refreshing to know WHY something works (or not) – so keep’em coming, Rae.

    • Oh, I definitely have before too haha. :) I was looking for list opt-in conversion tips and was somewhat overwhelmed and decided “well, can always test them one by one to see which ones are bullshit.” :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Rae! I’m now givin it a spin.

  3. Monna Ellithorpe says:

    Hi Rae,

    Interesting post. I’ve just recently put a bar across the top of my blog but I haven’t noticed a difference yet but then again, I don’t have the following that you do, “yet.” LOL

    Thank you for sharing your results.

    • Heh, this was actually on a different site, but, yes, it does have quite a bit of traffic for its niche. I think it’s harder to test these things on a smaller or lower traffic site. I tried the subscription sign up tick box you see on Sugarrae on that site and it flopped huge, but despite all the traffic, this particular site I tested above doesn’t attract many comments. That said, I’m currently seeing what effect it has on Sugarrae. ;-)

  4. Lyndon Reid says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing details and numbers.

    I have read about insane opt-in conversion rates using a content locker in a post/on a page. Can you add “What happens if I use a content locker to secure some premium content within a page” and let us know when you have had a chance to test it out.

    PS: Love the new layout here.

    • Thanks Lyndon! I actually have used a content locker in the past and saw good results, BUT, I didn’t get super granular about what ELSE it might have affected. Just if it was used, so I’ll add this to the list for testing. :)

  5. As you suggested on twitter, here a few more ideas if your todo list still allow it :)

    – Switch the hello bar with a lightbox
    – Use category specific offers & cta’s . For example for this category (analytics) you could go with “download my analytics book/tips/whatever” and in the seo category “download my seo book/tips/whatever”. Personally seeing better results with that kind approach.

    Looking forwards to the upcoming tests ;)

    PS: btw the ‘sign up to get the newsletter’ checkbox is not working for me.. or shows no visable checkmark when clicking

  6. Great post. I’m going to have to try to run this test myself. I’m currently doing some maybe testing with four different types of widgets, sliders, sticky footer/header etc.

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