Working On

Current Entrepreneurial Projects

If you're looking for more information about my consulting services as an SEO consultant, you'll find them on my SEO Consulting Services page.

AMI House Buyers

In 2017, I founded Audrey Marie Investments, a real estate investment company based in Katy, Texas that specializes in residential housing. We purchase homes to keep as buy and hold investments via turning them into rental properties and we also flip houses. In March of 2018, we launched the AMI House Buyers website and brand.

You can keep up with us by following our social channels: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Real Estate Life

I've always had an interest in real estate, but through my ventures in AMI, I became captivated with it. After passing my state and national real estate exams in late 2017, I became a licensed real estate agent in Texas in 2018.

My primary focus as an agent is on my own investment ventures, but being a licensed agent also allows me to use my digital marketing skills to generate compensated referrals for other agents.