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How I Doubled My Blog Traffic (& Got a Bigger Audience) in 3 Weeks


  1. Thanks for this. Great post, and super actionable info.

    Question: how did you research phrases being searched that you hadn’t created content for yet? Simply googling a few keywords and seeing what came up in autofill, or something more scientific?

  2. Great info, thanks Rae.

    Which analytics tools are you using above, especially the third image?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Jon – glad you enjoyed it. :) To answer your question… that’s Raven Tools – they import Google Analytics data and put it into their own UI. It can be limited in some fashions, but much better to work with in others, as with the above. :)

  3. WOW this is amazing, I’m totally gonna try this, thanks for the awesome post

  4. Are you noticing coorelation between more traffic and earnings?

  5. Marshall Adler says:


    Very cool post. I normally don’t spend too much time reading other people’s content except when it comes as a referral from another authority in my niche.

    I was referred to you by Jessica over at CopyBlogger. She said you are one of those women who don’t hold back about affiliate marketing and sharing your experiences.

    So naturally I felt inclined to read and sure enough you offer some good insights.

    I’ll follow you for awhile if you don’t mind.


  6. Direct Marketing Blogger says:

    Great post, thanks. I really like the “loss leader” analogy. It’s a good way to take thinking about money out of the equation and remind yourself that you should always aim to provide quality content that people are interested in.

    Plus, I’ve actually found on a couple of my other blogs that I end up making more money than expected from posts that were originally intended to be loss leaders and that they can occasionally reveal new money-making opportunities.

  7. Bruno Babic says:

    Hi Rae,

    Thanks for sharing with us your strategies for doubling your blog traffic which is very helpful for me at this point in time since I’ve lately started my first ever blog after my 7 year long painful and agonizing struggles trying to succeed online.

    As I am currently busy with my guest blogging and spending quite a lot of time on it, I’d like to ask you if you could recommend any good guest blogging technique that I could use to save a lot of time and to be more productive than I am right now.

    Another thing that I’d like to ask you is this. My goal of setting up and running a blog is to first attract, retain and nurture a good relatinship with a group of my blog’s loyal visitors so that I could survey them from time to time in order to get better ideas on what kind of products (ebooks, etc) I could start developing for them, ok?

    Having said that if you were now in my shoes starting from the scratch with blogging and having my current blogging goal in mind (as mentioned above), what exact steps you’d take in order to build up and develop a decently big group of your blog’s visitors in the fastest time possible.

    Finally, since I made my first blog post about 3 to 4 days ago and am now doing lots of commenting on other people’s blogs with my aim to get my first blog’s visitors to see and comment exactly on that first post, I have now stopped creating my blog’s new posts because of that reason. Is that a good thing to do in order for me to achieve that goal? What would you do in this case.

    Thanks a lot for all your answers and help.

    Bruno Babic


  8. Maciej @ Brandignity says:

    Many times it really requires a little elbow grease to gain that traction to a blog. People tend to forget that once you write a post there are many ways to leverage that content in order to drive extra visibility to it. Does it happen overnight? Not at all and it typically requires time and patience. Do it right and it can payoff greatly.

  9. Thanks Rae.
    How long did it take when you first started blogging to get attract a good baseline of visitors?

  10. Ralph Jackson says:

    Amazing insight on increasing blog traffic. I landed on your blog from searching for top Seo’s and (I think it was on Aaron Wall’s blog) they certainly did a great job by featuring you on the list, based off what I’ve just read alone. Just got another subscriber, thanks for the insight!

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