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5 Simple Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog


  1. Michael Martin says:

    Surprised you didn’t throw in your catchphrase of “Google Welfare” for Adsense ;)

  2. I’m trying everything. Currently, my poker instruction and review site (danmosspoker.com) has about 850 uniques per month and 4,500 pageviews per month. Time on site average is 2:30, and the bounce rate is less than 1%. In regards to the bounce rate, there must be some kind of error on GA. I don’t think it’s possible for a bounce rate to be that low. Anyway, I have written 187 high-quality articles. We have sold about 24 eBooks, but we dont’t get many AdSense clicks, and our affiliate banners don’t seem to work. Am I just being impatient? We launched in May 2012. Will the affiliate sales come in when traffic increases? I’m trying very hard to figure out this business. I created a site from scratch from last year, got 6,700 Twitter followers and over 200 site members, then sold the site. But I’m going 100% organic this time. Thanks for your help if you can provide any.


    • I honestly think < 1000 uniques and < 10,000 pageviews is simply too low a number to make any significant income off of - unless the site is very, very niche (meaning the industry as a whole doesn't get much traffic and users are very ready to buy). A topic like poker is going to get a lot of "lookers" vs "converters... you simply need to work on getting the traffic up. IMHO.

  3. Alex Aguilar says:

    Great info, as always, Rae. Unfortunately even the best monetization methods in the world are worthless if site visitors use adblocking extensions on their browsers. Is there a foolproof method to reaching out to these otherwise devoted, regular visitors who use adblock, or are they simply a lost cause?

  4. Max Shayani says:

    I own an educational site, any suggestions on “how to generate affiliate or other incomes from it?”

  5. Hi Rae – I just recently found your site, this is my first comment. Regarding “Link Cloakers” – I read another one of your articles which talked about you being punished by Google for some SERPs. Don’t you think that using a Link Cloaker could be a reason for them (somehow – and I am no suggesting it is justified) ranking you lower? I thought they were against stuff like that?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Anthony – a link cloaker is just a way of redirecting affiliate links, so, no, I’ve got no issue with that. I’ve long been a proponent of redirecting affiliate links. Regarding my ranking problems, if you’re referring to this that is an old, old post that goes back almost 5 years – and I firmly believe the reason had to do with redirects… it has since not had any issue ranking. :)

      • “if you’re referring to this ” – ah – I guess I was referring to that. I did not see a date on it anywhere. Thanks for the response –

  6. Hi Rae!

    Love your blog.

    You mentioned using Eclipse Link Cloaker – have you tried Pretty Link Lite or Pretty Link Pro? I saw it recommended on Marketing Land.

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