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Finding a (Good) Niche in Affiliate Marketing


  1. Laura Orban says:

    Thanks for another great post. Would mind elaborating just a little on, “you also need to be willing to publicly associate yourself with that niche…”. Should every affiliate site therefore have the author’s name and bio on an About page? What if the author is unknown in that field? Is it just a trust issue, that putting your name somewhere on the site gives people comfort that there is a real person on the other side?

  2. Ricardo Caicedo says:

    Hello Rae
    Thanks for the actionable info. I recently started a blog, the initial idea was to make a tea blog, but I decided to be more specific so I narrowed it down to a Japanese green tea blog.
    So far it’s going well, I have some subscribers and the traffic is slowly increasing. I do realize, however, that building a successful blog takes quite a lot of time.

  3. Sucker Jones says:

    Great article! You eloquently combined the two rival strategies of “pick what you like” and “find the most profitable market” into a plan that should work for anyone willing to put in the effort. You also made me realize that I should not enter the wedding dresses niche!

  4. Joe Salmons says:

    Since I run a network, I am aware of new niches that arise and since i am an affiliate as well, I would want to get into these niches as soon as possilble..however, i will stay away from niches i kn ow little to nothing about because I want to come across as believable too. niche marketing is one of the best ways to monetize traffic but there is a fine line between picking a niche and picking something that is so narrow that you wont have a parayer of having stable traffic over the long run

  5. Bruno Babic says:

    Wow! What a helpful and high value post on how to go about uncovering a good niche!!

    By the way, I now feel especially blessed and lucky to have found this information since I’ve recently decided to bravely get up again like Rocky Balboa after my 7 year long painful and shocking struggles to start to make any money online.

    Having said that finding a niche market has been one of the hardest and most difficult things in the entire process of getting started online because believe or not, I’ve actually wasted years of my time and energy trying to “unlock” or uncover the right niche for me.

    So, you know, I’d be spending hours and hours a day using different keyword research and so called keyword clustering techniques in order to finally find that golden niche if I can express myself that way.

    Lately I’ve luckily met an internet millionaire like you, Rae who’s actually helped me open my eyes and understand how easy internet marketing is exactly the way you explain here.

    On top of it, I am glad to share with you that I have now also learned about how to adopt the right mindset of a super productive online entrepreneurs like yourself that will surely help me get rid off all my perfectionism when it comes to finding the right niche market.

    It would be very interesting and helpful for me to learn here about other people’s failures, successes as well as dream visions as the result of their online success.

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my blog and post your comments there.

    In advance thanks a lot with the depth of my heart.

    Bruno Babic

  6. Hi Rae,
    That’s a wonderful post with real insight on niche decision and thereon. I have always thought and have changed several niche for better options earlier and I personally feel that all niche will take its own turn sometime later.
    Its better to BEND WITH THE WIND than to stay straight and get uprooted :)

  7. Matt Abraxas says:

    Obviously no sure way about this, but you do help us noobs along a bit better. I especially appreciate the advice on fleshing out 60 ideas before starting. I’ve found out the hard way on this for several sites that are now collecting virtual dust.

  8. Hi Rae, I think the right niche is the most important step in affiliate marketing. If you choose the wrong niche, you can be doomed from the very beginning. Need a buying niche not just one where people are looking for information. Also you only mentioned it briefly at the end, I think promoting something you know about or is your passion makes the process a lot easier. Great post though, Tom.

  9. Deciding on your niche is the most important part to any affiliate marketer. If you set up a website in the wrong niche, then you may get a lot of traffic, but you will never actually end up getting any sales as you might have chosen a keyword that people only want to get free information, for example “affiliate marketing free” rather than “affiliate marketing fast”

  10. John Carter says:

    Good article! I think there are a lot of hopeful “wannabes” who want to get everything without doing the work. You don’t have to have 10+ years of experience or be the all-knowing guru at the top of the mountain, but you do have to be willing to invest in the effort that is required to be successful. However, I have made good headway into a number of niches by going against the grain. If they say you should post a lot on your current activity, I don’t. I tell my audience why I don’t, I make sure that they understand that I am different. Sometimes, however, to establish trust and rapport with your audience, you do need to offer some kinds of proof or authority. Its very difficult to fake these and its better if you know something about what you’re doing. Once you have more experience, it becomes easier to enter a niche and position yourself as an expert. It’s funny but you tend to get smarter and absorb more information as you move up in the internet marketing world. Thanks for the great information!

  11. Great article!

    Question – If you have one blog and you are talking about cooking, people see who you are and trust you as an influencer in the cooking space.

    Can you simultaneously run a blog about gaming, put your face on it and be an influencer? or should you stick to one thing via blogging? (assuming you love both topics).


    • Kev,

      I think that more so depends on the amount of time you have to spend. You can definitely be an influencer on multiple topics, assuming you have that kind of time to spend. I am what most would consider an influencer in SEO and affiliate marketing. For seven years, I also owned several mobile themed sites and was considered an influencer on both BlackBerry phones and prepaid phones. It’s possible, but it takes work. I also had hired writers at the time and this was before social. It takes so damn much to be an influencer these days, that if you’re doing it solo, doing it for two unrelated topics would be quite the task. :)

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