Monkey Balls In Louisville Kentucky

I really don't have much to say in this post except that it's an experiment to prove something I already know, but to be able to at least have some tangible evidence of it other than simply knowing because I've been in this game so long. So, you want to rank for phrases like “Monkey Balls In Louisville Kentucky” but are unsure of how to do it… well, well, well… rustle up some monkey balls and prepare to take notes!

Well, here's where SEO comes in! Now those of you retailing monkey balls (be they blue monkey balls or yellow monkey balls) in Louisville Kentucky can find your normally non competitive serp to be a bit more competitive. Aaron has already shown you the way to lasting monkey ball ranks you can treasure for years to come with monkey balls seo.

I wonder if Google Knol will have a section on balltastic monkey nuts – especially the rare type you'd find in the Louisville Kentucky area. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until then, here are some monkey balls – straight from Kentucky – to keep you warm.

If you've happened across this page by some weird reason, then just know that I'm not insane. This page is merely a test to show people the results of ranking for a ridiculous long tail phrase that drives no conversions.

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