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You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google


  1. Ngan Tengyuen says:

    pre-panda I’ll disagree but after post-panda, seo is as good as dead. It is not as important as it used to be.

    my philosophy is to write quality article and let the magic of social media do the work – share.

  2. Ferdinand Tan says:

    I truly agree that today you can no longer rank for a certain targeted keyword based on the number of links you acquire. But its now more on how you make use of content, videos, and images to make it viral that will eventually lead to people naturally linking to your website. But as far as Google is concerned, there’s still a need to develop backlinks in order for a new site to get indexed.

  3. Robin Scott says:

    Landed here searching for something slightly different, but an interesting article. It’s always interesting to see how new products / websites perform and what this indicates in terms of where search is heading.

    However, I’m not sure you can extrapolate that “traffic” is the cause of your initial search success with this example. It mimmicks the profile on client sites we’ve launched in the past few months insofar as Google gives the new domain/content enhanced rankings while they are still fresh, before reducing the ranking as time passes – including de-indexing content which isn’t performing at all in search.

    So, yes, traffic is important, but not as important as how the traffic stemming from Google behaves – i.e. a visit from google stays 2 minutes and loads another page up = good signal; a visit from Google hits “back” in 5 seconds = bad signal. Google uses these (type of) metrics to determine search engine relevance in real terms, as far as we can tell, more than how much traffic your website receives from other sources (something Google may not be able to determine in all cases).

    But you are absolutely right – focusing on the user is the way ahead: if people like / enjoy / engage with your website, Google will seek to connect people with it in order to remain the search engine of choice!

    Any time spent on SEO above and beyond creating valuable content would appear to be wasted time. Marketing, on the other hand, is vital. In my opinion!

  4. Sugar,

    I always wanted to use that name/term (sugar) and NOT get slapped in the face “-)

    I loved this post primarily because it helps ‘citizens of the internet’ (myself included) to let go of the always changing and forever difficult strategy of seo!

    Hell, we’re marketers and you summed it up best with the statement
    “Learn to major in marketing and minor in SEO”

    Thanks for the jolt,


  5. Interesting post Sugarrae, especially since it was written fours years ago, I would say it simply lends to your insight considering todays landscape.

    Well done!

  6. Interesting post, be it a few years ago. It applies to today’s search landscape more than ever. With G Authorship it’s becoming more and more easier to rank without SEO. Just good domain authority and content.

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