Women, Tech Conferences and the BullSh!t Surrounding It

Amanda Repelling

Damn it. I try so hard these days to resist doing things that don't make me money. I really do. But sometimes I make an exception and today is going to be one of those days. Today Debra Mastaler tweeted a link to an article in The Atlantic about ...
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11 Things My Son Taught Me about Life & Business

CJ Hoffman

Yesterday I came across the Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck by Julien. I found myself nodding in agreement with each point he made. These were lessons I learned long ago thanks to the most courageous person I've ever known - my son ...
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What I’ve Learned about Landing and Speaking on Conference Panels


I've been speaking on search and affiliate conference panels for almost 8 years now. In the early days, landing a speaking slot wasn't super hard because the pond was much smaller. In fact, I ended up on my first panel completely by chance. I was ...
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Search Engine Submission Services? DON’T – Here’s Why…


This is a short post - and a very basic post - but a needed one. Think of this like a PSA that is attempting to pay it forward to new marketers everywhere. In doing some keyword research today, I was a little startled to see tens of thousands of ...
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Link Building Services – You Get What You Pay For


I'm kind of sitting here in shock right now. I've been in the online marketing game for well over a decade, but this morning I had an email exchange that dumbfounded me. To be clear, this isn't an "outing" post - even though I could do so - I ...
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How to Create Passive Income with Profitable (Yet Honest) Reviews

Affiliate Reviews

When I did my post on how to make money via blogging, I'd mentioned doing product reviews within it as one of my favorite ways to generate passive income with a blog. To me, there's no better recipe for monetization than taking a product I love, ...
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My SMX West 2013 Takeaways

SMX West

I'm at the airport getting ready to head back home after spending 3 days in San Jose, California at SMX West. I figured I'd post a few of the things I found interesting as takeaways from the conference for those who weren't able to attend. Tips & ...
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Understanding Affiliate Marketing Lingo (Glossary of Terms)

Affiliate Glossary

Ok, I know this post isn't going to be earth shattering for most. But I get a lot of newer, aspiring affiliates on the Sugarrae site and when you've never done affiliate marketing before, all of the terms can get a little confusing. So this post ...
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Six Components of a Killer Personal About Page


Ok, so maybe "killer" is stretching it a bit. I don't claim to be the end all, be all when it comes to writing an About page. But, I have seen plenty of About pages that suck (as in I as a potential reader have hated them) and I have seen a lot ...
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Why Turnkey Affiliate Websites are a Waste of Money

Find the golden key

When I did the Sugarrae reader survey, one of the questions I asked was... "Have you ever paid for a "turnkey" affiliate marketing product? (Such as a domain and a store setup to sell affiliate products with promises that it was ready, set, make ...
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