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How to Brainstorm for Profitable Affiliate Niche Ideas


  1. Julian Hooks says:

    Brilliant idea searching for supplies and accessories and seeing what common keywords go with them. That never even crossed my mind! I’ve used magazines for content ideas before but never niche site ideas. Thanks for the actionable non-vague tips.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      You are very welcome Julian – I’m glad you found the post useful. :) Yeah – there’s a ton of articles on finding a niche out there, but I wanted to do one that gave more information than “follow your passions”. ;-)

  2. “Look at your hobbies” – This. A thousand times this. When you just can’t bring yourself to sit down and work, this is what has made all the difference for me in the past.

    Not to mention content ideas come so much more naturally.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Totally agree Neil – if you have a hobby with profit potential. :) I always used to say back in the day I could learn to love anything that made me money, LOL. But, for sure, a site is much easier to market when you actually “into” what you’re marketing. :)

  3. Heidi Cohen says:

    Rae–These are great ideas for honing an idea about a blog. They’re useful for newbies. Dead tree magazines are great for ideas about niches, posts and headlines. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Thanks Heidi – glad you enjoyed it. And ditto on magazines… I use niche mags to find topic ideas all the time as well. :)

  4. Magazines are my go to for ideas because yes, if it’s being published, people are buying. And it’s amazing that in this very, very digital world of ours folks still publish paper for some of the most obscure niches (some very high ticket).

    One thing that magazines really offer an affiliate marketer is a look at related niches that sometimes can be grouped on one site. Just take a look at who’s advertising: In a food mag you’ll find display ads for appliances, travel, financial services and the like. And those small back of book ads uncover truly niche products that appeal to the same demo: Advertisers wouldn’t be spending month after month with no return.

    How much more market research can I get for a few bucks?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Yep – I love looking at ads. I always used to joke that I’d spend as much time looking at the ads for merchant programs in Feedfront magazine as I would the actual content (an affiliate magazine for those who don’t know). Yeah, the classified sections can contain some really one-off style products. And they usually have zero grasp of marketing online effectively. :) #opportunityknocks :)

  5. Kim Krause Berg says:

    This article is helpful and timely. Love it. Passed it along to Cre8asiteforums because I know the members there will benefit from it too. My daughter and I are launching a new website soon and affiliates is part of the game plan. Thanks a ton Rae!

  6. The real problem for me is not finding a niche but determining if I want to work with that topic. I’m not a full-time affiliate so motivation is a big factor for me.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Daniel – totally understand. In the researching an affiliate niche article I did before this one, I listed some questions to ask myself before entering a niche to see if I have the motivation (and ideas) to truly compete within it. But, if you want to really make a go of affiliate, you just have to decide on something and run with at. Worst case scenario, you learn some things and increase your knowledge level. :)

  7. Supplies and accessories. I like that idea. I have a hard time drilling down so those are good for me. A picture really tells a story and the pic you used in this post is perfect.

  8. Dan Carter says:

    There are so many Ideas here that i am spoilt for choice thanks to you. great work Rae as usual. Thanks.

  9. Karleen Lindsey says:

    Finding a good niche within the hobbies category is a great idea because even though I don’t have many hobbies of my own, there are a lot of hobbies I would have liked to have gotten involved in. So I can sort of experience the hobby vicariously through being an affiliate in that area, learning everything there is to learn about it and sharing that knowledge with others. And if it turns out to be not very lucrative as an affiliate niche, well, at least I will have learned a lot about the hobby! :-)

  10. Abhirath Mahipal says:

    Under hobbies, I find Photography very feasible. It is very competitive though.

    Apart from Amazon and Clickbank where else can I find good Affiliate offers to promote?

  11. Prince Molak says:

    Rae, are you related to Ana Hoffman, the owner of trafficgenerationcafe, you guys have the same writing Tone. Keep it Up

  12. Michael Crain says:

    It’s official I am now on information overload! Great ideas. Thanks for your help. You have eliminated hours and hours of the best way to research and hours of frustration. I has some concerns about becoming an Affiliate but no more. Thanks for you ideas and help.

    Is there a good place that newbies can go exchange ideas?

  13. Really enjoyed this read thank you so much, gave me a few ideas I hadnt been thinking of. So far selecting a niche has been my biggest halting factor. It seriously hard to find something and commit. Analysis paralysis has gotten to me time and time again. I have literally spent weeks trying to find a good niche to go into.

    Nuff rambling, thanks for the great content.

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