Creating a Custom 404 Page with Genesis – Tutorial

404 Tutorial

Genesis uses a very busy default 404 page. When I made the switch I didn't want to lose my old custom 404 page, but couldn't figure out how to create a new one either. But I wanted my custom 404 page damn it. So, I asked the Genesis team for some ...
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Thesis 2.0 vs. Genesis and Why I Made the Switch

Genesis vs. Thesis

So, today the Sugarrae site flipped to Genesis after using Thesis for nearly five years, as I mentioned in my Genesis review. The question I said had to wait for a second post to be answered was "Why?". I wanted to address these two (the review and ...
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Genesis Theme for WordPress Review

Genesis Theme

Those with a sharp WordPress eye may have noticed that Sugarrae flipped to using the Genesis theme today. What? The long time Thesis theme evangelist has gone Genesis? Yes, on Sugarrae. But, you can find more on Thesis vs. Genesis and why I ...
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Tracking Your Affiliate Partners and Website Earnings

Tracking Affiliate Earnings

Years ago, the word organization and I did not belong in the same sentence (some days they still don't, but I'm so much better than I was before LOL). I really couldn't even tell you how much I even actually made from affiliate marketing in the early ...
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My Super Bowl Party Setup


Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with business. If you know me, you know I love football. Like, I LOVE FOOTBALL. Depsite that fact that my team sucks and therefore hasn't been to the Super Bowl since 2002 (and that was our one and only ...
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The Great Site Migration (or Trying to Turn Lemons into MobileMoo)


Sometimes forces outside of your control send a once awesome website spiraling to its revenue death. That's been the case for BBGeeks in the last 14 months or so. The absolute SMACKDOWN that RIM (and it's beloved BlackBerry) has taken from the ...
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8 Ways to Blow Getting a Job Interview


Once again we're hiring at PushFire and once again that means I'm going through a slew of resumes to try and find some new - and awesome - members to add to the PushFire team. Add to that my post last week railing ForbesWoman for explaining how ...
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Hey ForbesWoman – WTF Exactly is a “Man’s Job”?

Shame on you ForbesWoman

You may have noticed the rants category has been a little ignored lately. Honestly? I've been too busy getting shit done. But, as I checked into Twitter today, I saw a tweet from ForbesWoman in my stream. [Blink] Did I actually ...
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Why We Got Rid of the PushFire Blog

PushFire Blog

When we launched PushFire, we "of course" put a blog on the site. The theory was using the blog to build the brand and posting awesome content on it. But it didn't take long for PushFire's client roster to be full, which meant our team is busy ...
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My Hero – CJ Hoffman 10.02.97 to 11.29.12 – RIP

CJ Hoffman

This is unequivocally the hardest post I will ever write in my life. Some of you already know from being on my Facebook, but I felt it was time to let those not connected there to me know. Last night, my son CJ, the reason I even have my career ...
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