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9 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Income on Your Blog


  1. Hi Sugarrae,

    Ten useful tips there thanks. I’ll be certain to try some of them out on my blog.


  2. Tim Biden says:


    Have you done any tests on whether a site makes more money with or without obvious affiliate ads on the side? Are people more likely to click and/or trust a website it there are no brazen ads on the sidebar but only within the content?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      No, I haven’t tested that myself. BUT, if you’re using affiliate links, you have to have a disclaimer stating as such – so there’s really no way to “hide” that you’re being an affiliate. For me, I think trust is the most important factor, not necessarily whether or not you’re obviously monetizing. :)

      • Tim Biden says:

        Hmmm, I think I’ll have to test that then.

        I do have the required disclaimer. I also wonder how many people actually read the footer disclaimers? ;-)

        • Rae Hoffman says:

          From what I understand, there’s arguments on whether or not a footer disclaimer actually fulfills the requirement. My new site overhaul will be launching with an on page disclaimer to get me a little more towards middle ground re that argument. :)

  3. Richard Takemura says:

    Great advice Rae. As a noob I appreciate everything you post. I’m still learning on a daily basis and realize I have a lot to figure out. Just because I’m a designer doesn’t mean it’ll be easier for me.

  4. Melanie Egerton says:

    I learn so much from your site that sometimes I genuinely think that I should send you a chunk of my commission Rae! Thank you so much for being informative, knowledgeable and entertaining.

    And to show you how grateful I am I’ll remove my head from up your ass right now so you can sit down more comfortably!


    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Hahahahaha! Glad you enjoyed it Mel!

      • David Cerboni says:

        Quick question: What exactly is a sidebar when it comes to blogging? I blog on Blogger by the way. Does Blogger have sidebars?

    • Rhea Brown says:

      Ahahahahaaaa… that was hilarious! As always, I have a pen and paper taking my notes. I am going to check out creating reviews for my affiliates because I simply just kept them in my resources area.

  5. Thanks so much for these tips. As a starting affiliate marketer, these tips should help plenty especially the affiliate link tracking. Thanks.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      The link tracking is definitely an important aspect to increasing revenue! good luck in your efforts. :)

  6. Oliver Carlin says:

    Great Post Rae! I especially agree with providing solutions to people’s problems. This is truly what needs to be done to be successful in marketing.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Thanks Oliver – that’s true for all marketing, for sure and not even just for affiliate marketing. Most of the times I buy things from stumbling upon blogs, etc it’s related to me having a need to fulfill or a problem to solve. :)

  7. Great article. Point 8 is very good (#8 – Start micro-tracking which affiliate links bring in sales)… I feel a little bit stupid, as I could have done that much earlier. It’s a very smart tip from you. :)

  8. Abhay Hendre says:

    Nice. Along with affiliate products and advertising, I also prefer using CPA offers since they can also be very profitable I guess. I sometimes use Ubersuggest if I’m having trouble finding keywords. Its a nice little piece of software :) As far as product reviews are concerned, it can be a bit difficult to provide 100% correct reviews of all products you’re promoting cuz for that to happen, you would need to buy all those products :O But of course, you can do research online to find out whether the product you’re promoting is good or not.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Personally, I would review a product I’d never actually used – especially not on a blog like this one where my name is the brand. It might not be the cheapest option, but it is an effective one and one that doesn’t alienate readers.

  9. Robert Black says:

    Many thanks for those tips Rae. Never knew that about the sidebar, that’s what happens when you’re not testing and tracking properly :-)

    On the disclaimer subject what I do is create a post with my disclaimer, and call it “Affiliate”. Using the Hide Post plugin I then make sure that the “Affiliate” post doesn’t appear on my main index page. I then put a link to the “Affiliate” post at the bottom of my sidebar. That keeps Google happy, and should someone find the link they can click on it and view my disclaimer.

  10. Eric P. Martin says:

    Hi Rae,

    I’m new to affiliate marketing. I have a question.

    If the sidebar represents 10% of your income, where would you suggest focusing on first?

    Eric P. Martin

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Hey Eric – Building an email list and finding great products that solve your audience’s problems – and reviewing the product that solved it would be my top 2 to focus on. :)

  11. Product reviews have worked out great for me but never tried building and utilizing an email list.
    Also the thing that has worked out greatly in my favor is building small micro niche sites around a certain topic and promoting related products through it.

  12. Adrian Lucernas says:

    Good tips here. Especially the one about not selling expensive items. Many visitors may find the cost to be prohibitive or too risky. Best to stay in the middle and pimp what you know and can recommend with confidence.

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