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9 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Income on Your Blog

By Rae / July 22, 2013 /

So you’ve got a blog, and you’re doing affiliate marketing – with either no success, little success or great success (high five!) – but hey, you’re always looking for ways to make more. Below are nine things I’ve done over the years – with success – to earn more revenue from my blogs. Nine Ways…

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How to Create Passive Income with Profitable (Yet Honest) Reviews

By Rae / March 18, 2013 /

When I did my post on how to make money via blogging, I’d mentioned doing product reviews within it as one of my favorite ways to generate passive income with a blog. To me, there’s no better recipe for monetization than taking a product I love, walking you through it, showing you what you can…

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Why Turnkey Affiliate Websites are a Waste of Money

By Rae / March 1, 2013 /

When I did the Sugarrae reader survey, one of the questions I asked was: “Have you ever paid for a “turnkey” affiliate marketing product? (Such as a domain and a store setup to sell affiliate products with promises that it was ready, set, make money?)” .8% of you said you had an found it useful.…

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Tracking Your Affiliate Partners and Website Earnings

By Rae / February 13, 2013 /

Years ago, the word organization and I did not belong in the same sentence (some days they still don’t, but I’m so much better than I was before LOL). I really couldn’t even tell you how much I even actually made from affiliate marketing in the early days… I only knew that I made more…

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Finding a (Good) Niche in Affiliate Marketing

By Rae / October 9, 2012 /

The question I get asked the most often – hands down – is how to go about finding – and evaluating – a potential niche in affiliate marketing. Most people give the same advice. Find something you love and go into it. If this were 2002, I’d have laughed at that advice. I’ve always joked…

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Affiliate Site Maintenance (& Avoiding Potentially Costly Mistakes)

By Rae / September 27, 2012 /

After 10+ years as an affiliate, I own a lot of affiliate sites. Some very successful, some semi-successful and yes, some have been complete failures. Once you start getting into the running multiple sites arena, it’s easy to let some things slip through the cracks. It’s not uncommon for me to check out a less…

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How to Make Money Blogging

By Rae / August 23, 2012 /

I was recently trying to explain to a friend new to the concept of affiliate marketing how I made money from blogging. For this post, I’ll use Sugarrae specifically as an example of how I make money by blogging since most people blogging primarily to earn extra cash (or a full-time income) are doing it…

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How to Add SID Tracking to the “Big Network” Affiliate Links

By Rae / February 27, 2012 /

Call it a SID, CID, MID, TID – but no matter what you call sub campaign affiliate link tracking, you damn sure better be using it. Sub campaign tracking is critical in helping you determine which affiliate links on your site are working and which aren’t, rather than using a generic link site-wide that only…

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How Affiliate Marketing Works – A Step by Step Visual

By Rae / May 13, 2011 /

Recently I’ve been doing some articles aimed at the beginner affiliate – like how you can avoid affiliate marketing scams and how you can find reputable affiliate programs to promote. After spending over a decade in the Internet marketing industry, I think I often forget – and have failed to address – the most obvious…

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