Affiliate Marketing


How to Find Affiliate Programs

By Rae / May 2, 2011 /

On my latest post about avoiding affiliate marketing scams, a commenter named Chance Hoggan asked the following question in the comments: “Where would you recommended people go to find affiliate products to promote?” Since this was also brought up on the Sugarrae fan page on Facebook when I asked what topics people wanted more information…

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Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

By Rae / April 28, 2011 /

I see a lot of newbies to the affiliate arena ask the question of whether or not affiliate marketing (associate marketing, whatever you want to call it) is a scam, especially when they see a two (or more) tiered program (meaning affiliates can earn off the affiliates they bring into the program “under them”) which…

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Penalties, issues and filtering; it’s all just semantics

By Rae / October 9, 2009 / Comments Off on Penalties, issues and filtering; it’s all just semantics

I was reading the recap Shawn Collins did for his trip to SMX on day one, and a comment he made within it got my attention: Some interesting revelations in the duplicate content session, such as Google’s Joachim Kupke saying there is no duplicate content penalty and that Google is “working on something to help…

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Examples in Affiliate Branding

By Rae / December 15, 2008 / Comments Off on Examples in Affiliate Branding

About 18 months ago, I wrote what I consider to be the best post I’ve ever written on the topic of affiliate marketing, how to survive the affiliate evolution. When I say that I wrote out my business plan and posted it on my blog in that post, I’m not kidding. And that statement is…

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Affiliate Marketing vs Adsense

By Rae / February 15, 2008 /

Before I leave, I wanted to get something off my chest. The alternate title for this post was: “Why you shouldn’t depend on webmaster welfare”. For those out of the loop, “webmaster welfare” is a term used to describe Adsense that apparently can be credited back to IncrediBill. To me, a made for Adsense site…

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How to Survive the Affiliate Evolution

By Rae / June 14, 2007 /

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while. If you’re new or just starting out in affiliate marketing, this post is not for you. I understand that you won’t neccessarily have the resources to pull this strategy off in it’s entirety. If you’re an affiliate who’s career is less than a year old,…

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