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How to Create a Clickable Affiliate Ad as a Backup for an AdSense Unit


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  1. Thanks for this really helpful tip and for providing the code Rae. It is kind of frustrating not to have relevant AdSense ads; it is kind of demeaning to your site. I am glad you shared this insight and helped us to make better Ad sense.

  2. Dev Patel says:

    Interesting. I assume adding javascript and rotating banners will not hurt either.

    UC browser and opera mini blocks ad automatically. In such case, will it be able to show custom ads by us?

    • The backup ad is still served by Adsense, so if something is blocking AdSense, to my knowledge it will still block the backup ad.

  3. Thanks, Rae. I’ve never known how to use this and I appreciate the detailed instructions. I’m going to put some backup ads in place and it will be interesting to see how often they actually appear.

    Question: do you know how this would work with their responsive ads?

  4. Thanks for explaining in detail. I am going to use this for my adsense ads.

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