Understanding Affiliate Marketing Lingo (Glossary of Terms)

Affiliate Glossary

Ok, I know this post isn't going to be earth shattering for most. But I get a lot of newer, aspiring affiliates on the Sugarrae site and when you've never done affiliate marketing before, all of the terms can get a little confusing. So this post ...
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Why Turnkey Affiliate Websites are a Waste of Money

Find the golden key

When I did the Sugarrae reader survey, one of the questions I asked was... "Have you ever paid for a "turnkey" affiliate marketing product? (Such as a domain and a store setup to sell affiliate products with promises that it was ready, set, make ...
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Tracking Your Affiliate Partners and Website Earnings

Tracking Affiliate Earnings

Years ago, the word organization and I did not belong in the same sentence (some days they still don't, but I'm so much better than I was before LOL). I really couldn't even tell you how much I even actually made from affiliate marketing in the early ...
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Finding a (Good) Niche in Affiliate Marketing


The question I get asked the most often - hands down - is how to go about finding - and evaluating - a potential niche in affiliate marketing. Most people give the same advice. Find something you love and go into it. If this were 2002, I'd have ...
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Affiliate Site Maintenance (& Avoiding Potentially Costly Mistakes)


After 10+ years as an affiliate, I own a lot of affiliate sites. Some very successful, some semi-successful and yes, some have been complete failures. Once you start getting into the running multiple sites arena, it's easy to let some things slip ...
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Why You Should Get Into Affiliate Marketing (and Go to Affiliate Summit)


I don't often make short posts here in Sugarrae. But my recent reader survey told me that 32.3% of my readers don't currently do affiliate marketing, but would like to. The video below is actually an advertisement so to speak for Affiliate Summit ...
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How to Make Money Blogging


I was recently trying to explain to a friend new to the concept of affiliate marketing how I made money from blogging. For this post, I'll use Sugarrae specifically as an example of how I make money by blogging since most people blogging ...
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Authorship Markup and Affiliate Marketing

Authorship Markup

If you've been in the affiliate game for any length of time as an affiliate that relies on organic SEO for traffic, then you've probably had a conversation with your affiliate friends about Google's Authorship Markup. Recently, SEOMoz did a post ...
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How to Add SID Tracking to the “Big Network” Affiliate Links

Adding SIDs to Affiliate Links

Call it an SID, CID, MID, TID, ... but no matter what you call sub campaign affiliate link tracking, you damn sure better be using it. Sub campaign tracking is critical in helping you determine which affiliate links on your site are working and ...
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Finding the Time to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Finding time

A few months ago I did an article about finding the money to get started in affiliate marketing as a result of feedback from my readers when I asked them what was holding them back from finding success with affiliate marketing. The second most ...
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