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Gravity Forms Review – A Killer WordPress Contact Form Plugin


  1. Jon Henshaw says:

    I’ve been using Gravity Forms for quite some time, and there’s nothing out there (free or fee) that comes close to it. I think their form software is brilliant! Especially when you want to create smart forms, and forms that connect with third parties like Campaign Monitor. I also bought the Dev license, which makes sense if you’re creating a lot of sites like me ;)

  2. Meg Geddes says:

    You can do some seriously cool stuff with Gravity. I am working on an event submission form now where users fill it out, I approve it in my WP Admin, and it goes right into the database and displays on the site. I have to do a little back end work to get it into the DB, but it’s still a *ton* easier than starting from scratch.

  3. I use it everywhere too. Best form plugin I’ve found. I especially love the built in analytics as backup to email (I’ve had some stuff hit the spam folder before). It’s very versatile and easy to use.

    My only issue thus far is adding links to some of the standard fields. I’ve had to write a couple JS workarounds to get it to work right. Not a big issue but still.

    Great plugin and highly recommended from me as well.

  4. Brian Chappell says:

    Gravity Forms + Email Service Provider + CRM tool + Twilio Phone tracking integration = passive lead gen success.

    Love it.

  5. CapeCodder says:

    GF is unbeatable for properly routing leads and makes a great backend for lead gen landing pages/sites.

    Only two things it needs: To be WP-multi friendly (share forms across multi sites with ONE plugin install) and a way to embed easily on external domains without having to use iframes.

  6. Chip Sheppard says:

    I have had great results with Gravity, definitely took a little getting used to but in the long run it has saved hours. What was particularly useful for me was the option to submit to draft status, users can write reviews and when submitted they become drafts in a pre-set category, you just read through the submission then hit publish. And it tracks everything right inside the admin area, very nice.

  7. Rae- Been secretly stalking aka following you since I tried using thesis over a year ago. I needed help & your name came up on google. Started following you because you really helped me understand hooks; u had east coast frankness that I relate to (me=Phillygirl); and our names! I loved your style ever since that 1st post. Had to reach out to write this time to send thanks for something so perfectly timely – will be going thru a gravity forms install shortly, & I am so grateful for this detail & the help, and your honesty!!! Wanted you to know you really never know who you’re helping! Thanks so much! Can’t wait for my sites to launch & to reach out to you again for affiliate help. YOU ROCK!! The world needs more of your attitude!

  8. Kevin Flahaut says:

    Thanks for the great review Rae and for the feedback on the now-tired demo video (LOL’d on the “drunk metrosexual dude” comment btw) and more importantly on the forum access message. Wonderful stuff! We appreciate hearing from the fine folks who use Gravity Forms every day and are always looking to improve Gravity Forms.. both the plugin and the support experience as well.

    As always, our ears are open so just give us a shout with any ideas, gripes or whatever is on your mind. Cheers!

  9. Syamsul Alam says:

    Gravity form is an awesome plugin, heck Joost from Yoast.com rate it so highly in his plugin review.

    However, for some reason i still has no need in purchasing and installing this plugin for my site. It offers lots of feature, but for the time being, all i need is simple contact form, where my visitor can send me messages.

    And i found that contact form 7 did that well for me (it also has great spam protection too).

  10. Gravity includes Aweber integration now.

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