I’ve Stepped Down as CEO of Outspoken Media

This post is a statement to reflect that I have stepped down as the CEO of Outspoken Media. I am no longer involved in any day to day interaction or client strategy of the company. The deterioration of my partnership with Rhea Drysdale and Lisa Barone has been a long time in the making. The decision to step down was a tough one, but one I made clear was final to my partners a little over a week ago.

As it has become clear that an agreement between the partners will take quite a bit of time to hammer out, I felt the need to go public with my stepping down because my personal brand and reputation are both still heavily associated with the Outspoken Media name, and I don't want folks to feel mislead. I wanted it clear that I am now strictly a partner/shareholder until an agreement is worked out to remove my association with the company entirely.


It seems there is either a whisper campaign, an assumption campaign or a fueled campaign by “implication” that I stepped down from Outspoken Media either due to “being pregnant” or “that I'm moving to Texas” – please note that neither is true. But since the story seems to be gaining fuel somehow insinuating I'm not “able” to continue working through pregnancy or move the way I did through my last two pregnancies and nine moves (four of which were international) let me be clear that neither has zero to do with why I stepped down from Outspoken Media.

I stepped down, I repeat, due to the deterioration of my partnership and because I no longer wanted my name and reputation associated with the work Outspoken Media was putting out.

I wish Outspoken Media the best of luck.

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