Link Building Services – You Get What You Pay For


I'm kind of sitting here in shock right now. I've been in the online marketing game for well over a decade, but this morning I had an email exchange that dumbfounded me. To be clear, this isn't an "outing" post - even though I could do so - I ...
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My SMX West 2013 Takeaways

SMX West

I'm at the airport getting ready to head back home after spending 3 days in San Jose, California at SMX West. I figured I'd post a few of the things I found interesting as takeaways from the conference for those who weren't able to attend. Tips & ...
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Learn to Master Crowdfunding through My Failure

Crowdfunding Fail

[Note from Rae - Since I'm at SMX West for the week, we have another great guest post today - this time from Dave Snyder of CopyPress. He's going to discuss his experience with Crowdfunding. Cheers!] On March 1, 2013 a group of people sat in the ...
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The Great Site Migration (or Trying to Turn Lemons into MobileMoo)


Sometimes forces outside of your control send a once awesome website spiraling to its revenue death. That's been the case for BBGeeks in the last 14 months or so. The absolute SMACKDOWN that RIM (and it's beloved BlackBerry) has taken from the ...
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5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Get more out of Google Analytics

Note from Rae: Knowing Ian is fantastic with analytics, I selfishly asked him if he'd want to guest post on how affiliate marketers could make more income as a result of learning some tips and tricks when it came to analytics so I could pick up some ...
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Google Liked It, But They Wouldn’t Put a Ring on It


Honestly, I knew almost immediately upon meeting my husband that I was going to end up married to him. When he proposed to me during a game of poker, I immediately said yes. Then I went and registered domains and twitter handles with different ...
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How I Doubled My Blog Traffic (& Got a Bigger Audience) in 3 Weeks

Doubled Blog Traffic

Building more blog traffic requires work. But it's not rocket science. It's a series of simple steps that require time and effort to execute, but the steps themselves aren't a secret. You simply have to be willing to DO THE WORK. 3 weeks ago, I ...
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Using Pinterest To Rock Out Your Brand

Pinterest Tips

If you're like me, a magpie drawn to anything with a little bling, then Pinterest is the social media platform for you. Not one to ignore a sexy pair of designer shoes or the Fifty Shades of Grey inspired fashion (yes, someone's probably on top of ...
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Link Building With The Experts – 2012 Edition

Link Building with the Experts 2012

Since 2007, I've been doing an interview series on link building with some of the best in the business. That has resulted in five super educational and insightful posts on link building. Now that we've launched PushFire, the series is moving from ...
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Oh Shut UP! You Know You Never Read the Pinterest TOS


People like something to complain about. Yesterday's darling (Pinterest) has been coming under fire for (gasp) monetizing their website. While myself (and many other affiliates) had noticed Pinterest's monetization model not long after the site ...
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