Rants in Bitchland

I’m known for being up front, brutally blunt and outspoken. And when something or someone gets me riled in a negative way, you’ll find my opinions on whatever it is that has pissed me off in this category.

I make no apologies for speaking my mind or for the way I speak it. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) enough, this is one of the most popular categories on my blog.

The Penguin Whisperer

Penguin Secrets

Note from Rae: Welcome to the first ever guest appearance by someone in my Rants in Bitchland category. And let me assure you, that takes a special pair of skills combined with a big pair of balls. And Paul Macnamara has both. If you've been ...
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What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Get about Panda

Appeal Denied

It seems the mainstream media has finally caught up - not everyone who gets screwed by Google is a spammer getting his just deserts. MetaFilter has apparently been dying a slow and painful death as a result of the Google Panda updates. And, I'm ...
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Google Propaganda, SEO and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up

Angry Penguin

As the entire search world knows, Matt Cutts released a post last week - I'm paraphrasing - warning us that Google now considers "low quality guest posting" to be spam under their guidelines and will begin to take action in accordance with those ...
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Content Marketing is the “Escort” of Online Marketing

Content Marketing Escort

Content Marketing. It's the new buzz word flowing around the Internet marketing community for the last year or so. I've been doing this online marketing "thing" for over a decade. When I first heard the phrase "content marketing" I was a little ...
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Women, Tech Conferences and the BullSh!t Surrounding It

Amanda Repelling

Damn it. I try so hard these days to resist doing things that don't make me money. I really do. But sometimes I make an exception and today is going to be one of those days. Today Debra Mastaler tweeted a link to an article in The Atlantic about ...
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Hey ForbesWoman – WTF Exactly is a “Man’s Job”?

Shame on you ForbesWoman

You may have noticed the rants category has been a little ignored lately. Honestly? I've been too busy getting shit done. But, as I checked into Twitter today, I saw a tweet from ForbesWoman in my stream. [Blink] Did I actually ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Steal Content


Edited to add: Please note the edit at the bottom... I'm on vacation in Wasaga Beach, ON... I've got a killer tan, a new tattoo and apparently, a new fan of our awesome content creation over at Outspoken Media. Namely, the folks at Blast Creative ...
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Reasons Even Santa Would Hurt You


This post has absolutely nothing to do with internet marketing. No, this post is about ways you can get me to beat the living hell out of you before Christmas. This is a post aimed at every ignorant ass out there who has done any of the following ...
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I Am Whatever You Say I Am

Getting Strangled

Disclaimer: This is more of a personal post. The more and more exposure I get in this industry, the more and more I realize what bitches some people can be, especially when they have a monitor and anonymity to protect them. Over the years, as I've ...
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Dear SEO Community, It’s Not Me, It’s You

Dear SEO Community

Let me start off by summing up this entire post in one sentence for those of you busy actually doing some productive shit today (which I usually am): This "community" is fucked and way too wrapped up in its own communal and deluded level of self ...
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