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This category houses the posts I’ve done on social media. More specifically, I tend to write about Twitter and Facebook. For me, Twitter is more of a business aspect of online marketing while Facebook lies in the “personal use” category.

Feel free to read through the posts below and follow me on twitter if you’d like. But beware that my tweet stream tends to contain profanity and rants.

The Parent’s Guide to Instagram (& How to Protect Your Kids on the Service)

guide to instagram

Sometimes I take my knowledge of social media for granted. Because the truth is that while everyone under the age of 18 has never known a world without internet or cell phones, most parents have a hard time keeping up. My work requires me to use and ...
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My Week Without Any Social Media – Except for Google+

Social Lockdown

Last week, my husband and I were talking about Google+ - mainly the multiple statements made by Google about where they hope to take Google+ as far as how they'd ideally (and eventually) like to roll it into being an algo factor. I'm a HEAVY user ...
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It’s Time for Facebook to Start Assuming More Social Responsibilty

Social networks and social responsibility

This is a personal rant I feel compelled to share. This morning I came across an Amber Alert on Facebook that was shared by someone I'm connected to in my newsfeed. It was a heartbreaking notice of a (local to me) 18 month old child who was ...
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Learn to Master Crowdfunding through My Failure

Crowdfunding Fail

[Note from Rae - Since I'm at SMX West for the week, we have another great guest post today - this time from Dave Snyder of CopyPress. He's going to discuss his experience with Crowdfunding. Cheers!] On March 1, 2013 a group of people sat in the ...
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Using Pinterest To Rock Out Your Brand

Pinterest Tips

If you're like me, a magpie drawn to anything with a little bling, then Pinterest is the social media platform for you. Not one to ignore a sexy pair of designer shoes or the Fifty Shades of Grey inspired fashion (yes, someone's probably on top of ...
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Oh Shut UP! You Know You Never Read the Pinterest TOS


People like something to complain about. Yesterday's darling (Pinterest) has been coming under fire for (gasp) monetizing their website. While myself (and many other affiliates) had noticed Pinterest's monetization model not long after the site ...
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Why I Switched from TweetMeme to the Official “Tweet Button”

Pop-up 1

The subject of the TweetMeme Button vs. the official Tweet Button provided by Twitter came up today during an exchange between Derek Halpern and Brian Clark. After getting involved in the discussion, I decided to do a quick post to explain why I ...
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Twitter Bowl 2010


About two weeks ago Amanda, netmeg and I ended up having a twitter conversation with @detroitlions on Twitter. We were immediately impressed with their Twitter account and their willingness to engage with their fans. I even followed them even ...
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Then I saw Foursquare… Now I’m a believer


I’m not a person who likes new technology (I seriously had an iPod for over a year before I learned how to use it.) When Twitter first came out, Marc had to bug me for months to get an account. So, when I started seeing Foursquare updates in my ...
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Commercial Twitter Case Study Revisited

Twitter case study

About a year ago I did a case study on the use of Twitter by - a site I own about BlackBerry phones. We were using Twitter as sort of a guerrilla marketing tactic to increase traffic to our site and more importantly, promote our ...
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