Dear Mainstream Media – Please Remove Foot From Mouth


Google Instant. SEO is dead. Yes, I’m sick of hearing about it too. But, Greg Boser alerted me via Twitter today that TechCrunch had made a blog post that showed a clear misunderstanding of Google Instant in regards to SEO: “SEO (Search engine ...
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The Clueless, but “Whitehat”, SEO


Almost three years ago I did a blog post as a response to Shari Thurow and a column she had written stating that Blackhats were worthless, shady criminals. In it she stated: "Unfortunately, I have been an expert witness in legal cases involving SEO ...
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The Real Reasons Big Brands Don’t Rank


Someone pointed out a post to me that Advertising Age did a few days ago called “Meet the Brands Hiding on Google.” I’m assuming it was because they knew sending me something that got me a little riled meant I’d go off on a tangent and write a post ...
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Preparing for the Age of Mobile


One thing I’ve realized while being on the road for the last two weeks has been the reliance I have had to put on my BlackBerry in order to get things done. Searching for local restaurants, searching for directions, keeping up with the divisional ...
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How to Learn SEO


I’m asked a lot of times when I tell folks what I do how I learned Internet marketing. People are usually surprised when I say I’m all self-taught, but the reality is, there is no real way to learn Internet marketing *other* than being self-taught. A ...
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Google Enables Real Time Spam and More


So, I’m at Chicago SES and see Michael Streko tweet about how Google has integrated Twitter into regular search. Sure enough, Search Engine Land has an article about the topic. Being a former practitioner of the “dark arts”, I immediately start ...
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2003 Called; They’d like their URL structure back

Messy Closet

Over the last decade or so of offering SEO consulting services to clients, I've seen a lot of interesting things. One of the more common (and surprising) things we see are URL structures in "current" sites that are completely "root based". What does ...
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I’M TELLING! (or reporting your SEO competitors)


When I did the Ask the SEO Vets panel at SMX Advanced a few months ago, someone in the audience asked a question about what to do when your competitors are buying links and getting an advantage from them in the engines. Vanessa Fox immediately ...
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You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google

Hello 2009

I'm sure you've no doubt heard that getting indexed and ranked well in Google is all about Pagerank and links. While Google search engineer Matt Cutts may have confirmed that statement almost three years ago, it doesn't mean things never change ...
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Creating Firefox Quick Search Bookmarks


If you've ever seen me do a site clinic at a conference on my own computer, you've likely noticed that I have a series of shortcuts to do searches via Firefox that are very repetitive to my daily routine. If you've seen me do a site clinic without my ...
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