13 Ways to Make Your Affiliate Program Suck


I recently was complaining about an affiliate program on Twitter and my pal netmeg asked that I do a post as sort of a public service announcement to affiliate program managers on the things we affiliates find insanely annoying about their programs - ...
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Finding the Money to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Finding the money

My newest newsletter subscribers for the last week or so have been getting an automated message asking what's holding them back in affiliate marketing. While the message is automated, my reading of them and responses are not (my email is something I ...
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How Affiliate Marketing Works – A Step by Step Visual

How affiliate marketing works

Recently I've been doing some articles aimed at the beginner affiliate - like how you can avoid affiliate marketing scams and how you can find reputable affiliate programs to promote. After spending over a decade in the Internet marketing ...
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How to Find Affiliate Programs

Find affiliate programs

On my latest post about avoiding affiliate marketing scams, a commenter named Chance Hoggan asked the following question in the comments: "Where would you recommended people go to find affiliate products to promote?" Since this was also brought ...
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Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams

Traffic and Trust

I see a lot of newbies to the affiliate arena ask the question of whether or not affiliate marketing (associate marketing, whatever you want to call it) is a scam, especially when they see a two (or more) tiered program (meaning affiliates can earn ...
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4 Simple Steps To Protecting Your Affiliate Niches

Protecting affiliate niches

As a "higher profile" affiliate marketer and SEO persona, I often have people sifting around trying to figure out what all of my sites and niches are. They know I'm successful and that leads to both curiosity and duplication. Unless you're an ...
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Some Insight on Affiliate Review Sites


I think it was during a session I was speaking in at a conference that someone asked me recently how someone should deal with negative reviews left by site visitors on affiliate review sites of merchants the site is an affiliate for. The person had ...
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THE Newbie Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Traffic and Trust Review

Traffic and Trust Review

A few weeks ago, Nick Reese sent me a copy of his "soon to be published" e-book called Traffic and Trust. He had mentioned having read my stuff over the years and how much he liked it and said that he'd love to get my opinion on the book: "After ...
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Creating a Small Niche Affiliate Site – The End …or Knowing When to Walk Away


So a few months ago I kind of accidentally started a very popular series... Creating a small niche affiliate site - part 1, part 2 and part 3. Even though I started the series without a "plan" so to speak, I fully intended to finish it (especially ...
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Eclipse Link Cloaker Review

Eclipse Link Cloaker Review

Before we get back to the Creating a Niche Affiliate Site Series (I know, I know, part 4 will be published Friday), I wanted to give some information on the Eclipse Link Cloaker since I will be mentioning it in that post. ;-) I'm a big one for ...
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