Tweetwasters WordPress Plugin

The Tweetwasters WordPress Plugin was created to showcase your stats from the website. Tweetwasters allows Twitter users to see how much time they spend Twittering in terms of minutes, hours and days and now you can display the information, updated once daily, on your WordPress blog.

The Tweetwasters plugin will show off your Twitter usage in terms of time and link to both your profile and your Twitter account. The plugin was a designed as a widget making it easy for any WordPress user to install. See below for an example of the plugin output:


I have wasted 417,240 seconds, 6,954 minutes, 115.9 hours, and 4.83 days tweeting 13908 times on Twitter.
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You can also check out a working, current version on my sidebar here at Sugarrae. The plugin will automatically update your stats once per day.


  • Download the plugin zip file
  • Unzip the plugin file to a directory where you will be able to find it
  • Upload the /tweetwasters/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  • Activate the plugin from your plugins administration screen
  • Add your Twitter username under Settings > Tweetwasters
  • Visit Design > Widgets and you’ll see the Tweetwasters widget. Move it to the location of your choice.

Using the Tweetwasters control panel

Just add your Twitter username to the box labeled “Your Twitter Screen Name” and click update settings. It seriously is that easy.

Customization of the Tweetwasters widget

If you’re like me and a bit anal about making the widget text for the Tweetwasters widget match the rest of your site, you’ll need to add the following css elements to your css file and style them how you’d like:

  • <h2 class=”widgettitle”> to style the title
  • <p class=”tweetwasters”> to style the text

FAQ section

Question:“Can I make it update more than once a day?”

Answer: We highly doubt your Twitter time stats will change significantly enough to warrant multiple updates per day. However, you can cause your stats to manually update at anytime by visiting the Tweetwasters control panel under the settings tab and clicking the “update settings” button.

Versions and changelogs

  • 12.06.08 – Version 0.1 closed beta
  • 12.12.08 – Version 0.2 released for public use

Please note

Please note that this plugin is no longer supported. I’ve left the download link live in case anyone wants to mess with it for whatever reason, but we are no longer updating this plugin nor improving it. This means that it could become incompatible with WordPress at some point in time and potentially cause your site issues in an update.