Yoast Video SEO WordPress Plugin Review


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  1. Mark Mason says:

    This is an excellent review Rae. It’s clear to me that adding the video markup should help SERP conversions, but have you actually seen any data to that effect? Just curious what the expected impact would be (which will be a complicated function of other stuff like SERP position and description quality), etc. Either way, very cool.

    When I talked to Joost about this plugin via twitter, he mentioned that the current implementation relies on a YouTube hack if your videos are on YouTube. Curious to know if you are using YouTube vids for embedding and if you understand the implications of the “YouTube limitation” that Joost was talking about.

    Thanks again for the great article.


    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Mark… I ask Joost about it and he said “Well, it IS a hack, so they might disable it at any point. It works now though and has been working for 2 years…” … I do use YouTube for the most part, but I’m not super concerned about Google killing the hack for the near (or even foreseeable) future.

      I’ve seen actual data in regards to authorship and review markup, but not with video markup yet. I’ll likely end up doing a post about them all and my experience with them at some point. :)

  2. Kyle Clouse says:

    Great review. We’ve added the Yoast plugin to our site and are ranking much more with it installed. Our site also has the video thumbnails in the SERP’s. It’s definitely worth the money.

  3. Jonathon Hamer says:

    Great review of this one and I’m planning on buying this week! I did buy gravity forms and making my way through it and so far I love it!

    I know your a big fan of thesis but have you heard of “Headway”? Its real good stuff!

  4. Holy Spirit Gift Shop says:

    Rae, thanks for the review. I’m just curious, are you able to get Joost’s WordPress SEO plugin to work with Thesis? I can only get it working in Genesis.


    • Rae Hoffman says:

      I use Thesis on Sugarrae – had no problems seamlessly getting the two to work together… to my knowledge, the Video SEO plugin works with your database, not your theme. Your theme should be inconsequential. :)

  5. Ajay Jhunjhunwala says:

    I first heard about this SEO video plugin in SEOMOZ blog. I was happy then about the features. But came to know it is paid ($89), little worried. But overall it is very useful no doubt. It is in testing phase for few video submission website platforms, waiting for those results.

  6. Hi Sugarrae, thanks for your article. Could you also share your thoughts on how well this plugin works? I mean, it technically works ok, and also I am sure your vids are now popping up in the SERP,s but the most interesting question is: did you notice any increase in traffic (since I guess that was your main goal in buying the plugin in the first place, right? So, would you spend it again if you would turn back time? ;)) – GJ

  7. Syamsul Alam says:

    Joost creates many awesome plugins, one of them, wordpress seo is one of the best seo plugin ever created i think, and it is free.

    But for some reason i don’t really like this plugin of his. I think it kinda overpriced and i think i know good hack to create similar snippet without using his plugin.

    Simply uploading the video to youtube or vimeo or daily motion and connect it with with Google+ does the tricks for me. All of my youtube videos has little picture of me below it. Easy.

    There are also several free plugins out there which created video sitemap for embedded videos in our site too.

    However, great review though… :D

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