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PRWeb Review


  1. Thanks Rae. We’re going to pull the trigger on PRWEB service. Had been debating.

  2. Rae,

    PR Web is a tad expensive for D-I-Y SEO folks like me. Can you think of cheaper, value-for-money options?

    • George McKibbin says:

      Hey Bhavya,

      You can use Pitch Engine if you want a similar sort of service except you release “pitches” instead of “press releases”. They a have a free version which includes video etc.


  3. Justin Krauss says:

    We have been using PRWEB through their Vocus marketing packages which also include twitter and Facebook apps and tools for increasing fans and followers. So far it is working well for our garage flooring site.

  4. A Google search of “prweb.com reviews” only turns up this single article. All the other links all go to prweb.com, which makes them pretty useless as a gauge of how “good” this service allegedly is. Not your fault of course, but it does make one wonder.

    Also, your article is not dated, but Google shows it is dated January 21, 2009 — and no comments until 2012 if what is posted above is to be believed. That’s 3 years ago — so why hasn’t anybody “reviewed” prweb.com since that time? Or at least made such a review easy to find?

    Thanks for the nice information, which is much appreciated, but I also would like to know if you have any monetary affiliation with prweb, ie., are you benefiting from this “review” yourself in any way by giving them this glowing review? There are TON of bad marketing companies out there, spamming their wonderful “services”.

    I NEED a very good / reliable / trustworthy marketing manager, or “do it yourself” approach (of which I have little time for) and what I’m finding is tons of hype (so far) and no “proof” of how well it actually works.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Hey Jade – so, the no comments til 2012 is because I deleted all comments on the site for a while because it was too hard to continue moderating them. I opened them back up by popular demand in late 2011. So that’s the reasoning for the lack of comments prior to recently.

      Do I have monetary incentive? I link to PRWeb.com with an affiliate link (so I get a commission if anyone signs up via my link), yes, because I think they’re a great service, so why not profit off my recommendation of them if possible? That said, it doesn’t change my opinion of them. I’ve worked for a decade to build my reputation and wouldn’t sell it out to make a small affiliate commission in the grand scheme of things.

      AFTER I posted this review, PRWeb asked me to become an advisor (due to them believing I’d taken the time to truly “learn” their service). Prior to that, I had no interaction with them whatsoever. I was an advisor for a while, but became too busy to keep it with it, so now I’m not.

      PRweb is the service I use… that doesn’t change regardless of an affiliate link, no affiliate link, comments or no comments. :) I gave the stats of the releases done prior to this post. We also landed a columnist gig for one of my sites on a very reputable site as a result of a PRWeb press release.

      I can’t say 100% PRWeb will work for you – the success of ANY press release depends largely on the news being reported and the talent in which it was written, regardless of the outlet you use to put that information in front of people. But for me, PRWeb has been a great way to get that info out there. But, I always recommend people test for themselves whenever possible. :)

      I hope this helps. :)

  5. Nice review Rae,

    I have been using them for years getting hundreds of backlinks (on mostly credible sites) per release and actual media coverage with the top packages. In fact, I got the package for unlimited releases recently.

    The lower packages are a waste of time in my experience and the writing of the release definitely does matter!

  6. You know I love that you love them. Thanks for the information. My issue is that if they decide they do not like the content of the release, they will not distribute it. Huh. Paying good money to do what I could myself do for free. That seems smarmy and unacceptable to me. I won’t do business with them. … People need to know that they will suddenly pull “editorial judgment” out of their a-holes.

  7. Prweb no longer accepts press releases for affiliate marketing centered businesses. I was on a call with them about there service, and when they asked what my business does, they stopped me dead and said they do not offer their service to Affiliate Marketers – “It dilutes their value” – and they ended the call. It was a policy change the first of the year(2013).

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Lyn – I contacted them re the topic. What they told me was that they work with affiliate marketers, but that their editorial guidelines have been updated and it does affect some affiliate niches – but that “being an affiliate” isn’t the issue in those cases – it’s the niche itself.

      The page refers specifically to anything relating to online gambling, streaming video, payday loans, online pharmaceuticals, work from home opportunities, stock recommendations, electronic cigarettes, green coffee beans, Raspberry ketone or cell phone and tablet unlocking of the illegal variety.

      Additionally, their guidelines also received an update that affected MLM, network marketing and home party plan representatives which you can find on the same page as listed above under “Written Authorization”.

      However, PRWeb assured me they have no issue with websites who utilize affiliate marketing as a primary monetization tactic as a “general population” so to speak.

  8. Stacey Acevero says:

    Hey there Lyn,
    What Rae said above was correct.
    I’d love to get your information so we can review your business again with our editorial department – I’m thinking that there may have been a bit of a misunderstanding. Shoot me an email if you’d care to continue with PRWeb – we’d hate to lose you if the evaluation was incorrect!
    Stacey @ PRWeb

    • Hi Rae and Stacey,
      Well it’s unfortunate that the representative gave me the wrong information. I ended up going with ereleases instead, on my recent press release.

      I will shoot you an email Stacey, and maybe we can work together on on upcoming requirement I have.


  9. I am disappointed to hear that links, even keyword anchor text has little weight, which is what I was hoping for. My question though is, is that limited to the PRweb website? or if yahoo news, or google news, or USA today or any other website posts my article online with anchor text, do those links still carry weight? Or does anything associated with PRweb have no value?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Whether or not the links were nofollow before, they haven’t carried SEO value in a long, long time as far as links coming directly from sites like PRWeb. Google has long ignored dofollow links on the known press release sites. The bigger value to those links was that scrapers would pick up and republish the releases – and those links would count. Now, with PRWeb going nofollow, that likely won’t happen anymore.

      However, if you were doing press releases solely for link building, then you shouldn’t be spending the money on them. Press releases are meant to get you real press. If you’re release is all about links and has nothing to do with exposure, then you’re correct, you’ll find no real value in it. :) In the post panda and penguin era, and in light of hummingbird… “link building” as it was in 2008 isn’t enough to cut it anymore. :)

  10. Do you know anything about their Google Marketing services? They offer you to increase your google rankings in Google but they don’t say what is what they do.

  11. Thanks for the info. Curious if you could do an updated review? The service and pricing has changed a bit but your review is still the #1 hit. Would love to get your input on how the service has changed and what you’d recommend now, as well as how the Media Relations package has performed.

    Thank you!

  12. Used the most expensive press release “Financial Package” – submitted to NYT, Bloomberg, Wall St Journal.

    After the release I was submitted to none of them – only a few crappy blogs and news sites I’ve never heard of??

    THis cost me $449 USD.

    After I emailed them to ask what percentage of their PR’s actually are shown on NYT, Bloomberg etc, they couldn’t answer me.

    In my book PRWeb.com is a rip off and you would be better sending your own typed PR to each of the news outlets yourself. Just what these guys do.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Hey Alan – hard for me to comment because I have no idea of the content quality and “newsworthy” value of the release submitted.

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