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How I Use Crazy Egg To Make More Money (or a CrazyEgg Review)


  1. Sherry Gray says:

    Rae, this was really interesting, thanks! I’m sure I’ll be able to put it to direct use one of these days…in the meantime, my clients can benefit.

  2. Steve Fitzpatrick says:

    Great review Rae. I’ve been a CE user for a while now and throw it on client sites and have found it more valuable in advising them about recommended changes than Analytics data.

    It’s so much easier for most people to visually understand.

    We also recently tested it on 4 widget boxes with different headlines. It was amazing at how quickly the headlines and offers could be assessed then use the winning versions in offline media campaigns.

  3. Milan Jara says:

    Thanks for the detail review.. I have used CE before very briefly but now I really want to make it work. How do you keep track of your testing? I guess that screenshots could work pretty good huh?

  4. Rae, this is awesome thanks. I have heard about Crazyegg, and signed up for the free trial yesterday – as Meclabs and conversion rate experts talk about it a lot. I thought to start with it was just another google ‘in page’ analytics, but within 24 hours its given me so much insight. – How I found your site. I searched google for ‘how to use data from crazyegg’ and your post has just filled me in even more, it explained how to use the data, where-as crazyegg didnt explain how to use data properly (you in much much more detail) and I love the details.

    Just to say, thanks for this, absolutely spot on. I will be back!


  5. Hey Rae, Thanks for the review. Never heard of crazy egg before, but it seems like it would be helpful. Do you think this would be too technical for newbie bloggers? I use wordpress.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      I definitely think this can be used by people without super technical skills. BUT, you have to actually check and test with the data or it is just something nice to look at. You don’t want it to be like treadmill you bought with the best of intentions that then serves as something to pile clothes on. Just commit to making layout changes, adding content, etc based on the data and doing a follow up test to see the results – which could be good OR bad – and react accordingly. :)

  6. Shelly Fagin says:

    Great insight into Crazy Egg. It’s been on my radar for a while now, though I have yet jump in. However, I am entering into doing a lot more Mulch-Varient and A/B testing on my client’s sites and I can see where having this data will be very useful.

    I’ll have to admit, I hovered over the sexy eyes myself to see if they linked somewhere. But it just goes to show how easy it can be for a designer or site owner to overlook something that is an area of opportunity. Thanks for the review. Going to try it out!

  7. Mark Morphew says:

    Really great review on Crazy Egg you’ve gone into great detail! I really like the feature where you can see where your visitors have been on your website.

    Off over to check out their website now,


  8. Thanks for the write up about Crazy Egg. I walked into a client’s office the other day and he was using this program, and I was amazed. I asked him what the name of it was, and how he used it. He showed me, and needless to say I came home and tried to find out more about it. Thanks for clarifying the different ways to use the software, because I think their website only gives you a partial idea of the services they provide.

  9. Chitraparna says:

    Hi Rae,

    I signed up with CrazyEgg couple of days back and absolutely loving it. The metrics are better than Google Analytics and their pricing is really affordable.

    In the last 5 days, I have changed many things on my blog seeing their reports and I can already feel the difference in conversions.

    Thanks for this detailed review.

    Chitraparna Sinha

  10. If your pages are responsive or dynamic (accordions etc) you might find that CE doesn’t work properly. On the other hand, it works better than you might think. On the plus side, it appears that some of the reports properly report on clickable areas (the Overlay and List reports) while other reports (heat and confetti) tend to show the clicks in the wrong place because the visitor was using a particular aspect ratio that doesn’t work with the screen shot. Unfortunately, CE allows only one snapshot per page so you can’t make one snapshot with a particular aspect ratio and another with, say, a squished window. When I’m testing CE, I find areas where I can “trace” an image or box with clicks then look at the accuracy of the result in the confetti view. Often, a circle turns into an oval or the whole thing is displace toward the center of the screen. The weirdest one was a circle that turned into a perfect crescent moon (i.e. it somehow folded the circle). Still, for the price, it’s a wonderful tool worth having around.

    • Looks like I misinterpreted something CE told me by email. CE allows one snapshot per page per device. You can have one snapshot for tablet, one for mobile, and one for desktop, for a given page.

      I didn’t thank you, Sugarrae, for the review. Your newsletter is one of very few I have signed up for and that I open as soon as it comes. Your straightforwardness and lack of hype are rare.

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