Update: Customized Girl responded. See the end of the post for the update.

For the first time in my life, I’ll be exhibiting at a conference – namely, PushFire will be exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East next month (and we’re pretty damn excited about it). Knowing myself, Sean and one of our team members were going to have to work the booth, I set out to get some customized shirts with the PushFire logo on them.

For the guys, I got custom Polo shirts from PromoDirect (haven’t received them yet to be able to comment on their work). Anyone who knows me probably isn’t surprised that I didn’t order a Polo for myself. Instead, I wanted to get myself some custom tank tops made, since that’s what I primarily wear.

I needed tank tops that didn’t have thick straps, but I didn’t want them with teeny straps and super low cut neckline like I was trying to be a “booth babe” either. I also prefer my tank tops to be on the longer side. After quite a bit of searching, I found Customized Girl and they had some “Junior Fit Bella Sheer Longer Length Rib Strap Tank Tops” – which was exactly the kind of tank style I was looking for. The site looked nice and had quite a few fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. They definitely weren’t the cheapest site ($25.97 per shirt), but I didn’t want to save a few bucks and sacrifice on the style of shirt since I knew I’d be wearing them frequently at conferences (exhibiting or not).

So, I ordered a test shirt, mainly because I was unsure of the size. I figured when I was sure it fit, I’d order the total that I needed (which was 10). The site was easy to use and I was able to easily upload my graphic and see a preview before finally checking out. I was also able to add “@SUGARRAE” in orange text to the back (which cost me another $7.50). Checkout was easy and because I knew I needed 10 more once I was sure of my size and Affiliate Summit is only a month away, I opted to get quicker shipping (which cost me another $19.67) since I wait til the last minute to do everything. Haha. ;-)

Total cost for one custom “Junior Fit Bella Sheer Longer Length Rib Strap Tank Top” with my logo on the front, my Twitter handle on the back and expedited shipping? $53.14

Before the shirt even arrived, I got a sales promo from them via email, which I thought was a little pushy since I hadn’t even received my first ever order from them. But I thought, who knows, maybe they just added me to the generic list and it happened to go out less than 48 hours after I’d placed the order. But I digress…

The shirt arrived today (along with a coupon for $5 off my next order). And it looked AWESOME! Until I put it on. :( (Sorry, no before picture as I didn’t expect the shirt to get destroyed by me putting it on).

I could not believe the damage that was done to the printing by me simply PUTTING IT ON. I ordered a large so it wouldn’t be skin tight on my stomach and I don’t have big boobs. The logo printing literally split apart as I pulled it down over my chest. It suddenly looked like it had been washed 200 times.

Think I’m kidding?

Customized Girl shirt

Four caveats about the above picture:

  • Anyone’s chest looks big when a pic is taken close up, I assure you mine is not haha – there’s no way that was the cause
  • The bottom of the “i” in Fire is not “damaged… that is part of our logo… (didn’t want anyone who didn’t know our logo to assume that had flaked off)
  • I wish you could photograph sticky… the logo on the front was “sticky” to the touch
  • This picture was – NO LIE – taken about 60 SECONDS after I put the shirt on for the very first time

The back of the shirt held up quite a bit better, but it also showed very slight signs of splitting on the text (not visible in the picture below) – though no where near as bad as the front. As my husband, Sean pointed out though, it also has yet to be washed. You can see the back of the shirt below:

Customized Girl shirt back

Since the whole point of a “customized shirt” is to show off whatever is printed on this, the shirt from Customized Girl was a huge #fail. However, to be complete as far as an overall review goes, the shirt itself was awesome. High quality, soft and would have been awesome had the image printing not split to all hell upon putting it on.

I was pretty bummed. I contacted Customized Girl via two methods to express my disappointment. First was via Twitter. I tweeted the picture of my shirt which obviously showed the poor quality of the printing. Immediately after, I emailed customer service and expressed the same sentiment in more than 140 characters(and attached a picture).

About an hour after my tweet, Customized Girl tweeted back to me:

Customized Girl tweet

So I responded back via several tweets to them that I already had, I didn’t plan to use them for the full amount of shirts I needed, but would appreciate having the one I paid $53 dollars for replaced and they responded with:

Customized Girl tweet response

For the record, today is Friday. So that means I won’t even get a response about my botched order for almost 3 days. I get that it was in the afternoon on Friday when I received the shirt, but it’s hard to wait several days for a response when you’re an unhappy customer for apparent, obvious and “their fault” reasons.

I absolutely will update this post with the resolution (or hopefully not, lack thereof) when they deal with it. But, no matter the resolution, I can’t recommend them and would never use them again. Which is a damn shame because they have some “flowy” shirts I was dying to get done to use during the few months of the year when even *I* won’t wear tank tops due to the weather. They also have a very easy to use site and quality shirts (which is why I even gave them 2 stars). But, none of that makes up for poor quality printing on a customized, printed product.

Now I need to find a new vendor to get some custom tank tops – and quick. Let’s hope I have better luck with the Polo shirts from PromoDirect.


So, Customized Girl customer service went out of their way to correct the mistake. They called me, apologized for the shirt quality and sent me a few replacement shirts to choose from. Turns out the problem was the TYPE of shirt I picked combined with the placement of the logo on said shirt. I ended up loving the Bella flowy shirt they sent me with our logo screen printed on it and I ordered 10 more to use at conferences and the like.

Since I was short on time because the first shirt had been completely messed up, they also tossed in free rush shipping to ensure I had the shirts in time for the conference I was attending the next week.

Because of the stellar customer service and the quality of the SECOND round of shirts I received, I’ve updated their rating to 3.5 stars. That said, I’d still be hesitant to use them again for a new shirt design because I have no way of knowing what shirt and placement combinations will produce good results and which will produce bad ones. But I’ll definitely be ordering more of the PushFire screen printed flowy shirts from them as I need them since I know they come out well.

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