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Customized Girl Review


  1. Tom Iwanowicz says:

    Rae, I use NDesigns.net – and although I can’t say they have the style shirt you want – or if they can do a one-off or small order. But I can say that they have always done excellent work for our screen printed TShirts (we get a new design for our staff each summer). I think if you call Jeff and have a budget of $50 for a sample, quick ship, he may be able to help you out. May not be a fit for your current needs, but I can definitely recommend the quality on the shirts I have ordered (4 doz/year for the last 6 years).

  2. Becky Thompson says:

    I’ve always been completely happy with the shirts I get from CafePress. We have a competition BBQ team “Nice Rack” and our shirts have been washed a gazillion times and they hold up great in the wash and haven’t faded too badly. There’s normal fade with bleach action but that’s to be expected. They are super-good quality too without unraveling seams or being twisted/torqued after the wash because it wasn’t cut on the fabric grain (I hate that). The site is easy to use and you can upload your own logo and see what it will look like before ordering. They have tanks too but I prefer the baby-doll tee with cap sleeves and scoop neck. Hope it all works out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not so happy Customer!

    I recently purchased two shirts for me & my husband to take to Vegas from Customized Girl online. The shirts are not worth the price. The material & quality of the shirts are poor & low grade! The artwork looked cheap, it did not look like a $35 shirt, better yet shirts since I purchased two. It was the worst $78 I’ve ever spent. Customer service was not so helpful only offered a reprint with a 30% discount & I had to cover the shipping. My trip was a week away so it was not helpful at all. I love shopping online but I will never purchase from this website again & I will write as many reviews as I can on different sites, so the next person doesn’t make the same mistake I did & spend $78 for two T-shirts that were worth $10 a piece!

    • Customized Girl says:

      Hi Anonymous. I work for Customized Girl. I am so sorry about your experience. Do you mind saying which shirts and artwork you purchased? If you felt they looked cheap, that is definitely something we want to correct as soon as possible. If you are willing to give us a second chance, please contact customizedgirl@eretailing.com and we will do our best to make you happy.

  4. Kristy Brown says:

    Customizedgirl.com is not a good site. I’ve given them three chances to print a decent looking design on a basic shirt. The colors were off, the design wasn’t centered, faded after ONE wash…..and it’s expensive. Also, check out other sites like zazzle, cafepress, spreadshirt..etc, they have much more creative designs to choose from.

    • Customized Girl says:

      Hi Kristy. Sorry you had this experience. We do are best to make sure our customers are always satisfied. We would like the chance to fix your order and show you the true quality of Customized Girl. Please contact customizedgirl@eretailing.com and we’ll get this fixed. Thanks!

      • Kristy Brown says:

        Well, I gave Customizedgirl another chance, and lets just say they showed their “true quality”. I even used a different name because i didn’t want special treatment. I bought one of their black shirts with a white design. 1 wash and the ink is cracking. fooled me again!

  5. I had almost the same exact problem and will NEVER use Cusomized Girl again!!

    • Customized Girl says:

      Hi Wendy – Sorry to hear you did not have a great experience on our site. We do everything possible to make sure all of our customers are satisfied with their orders. If you have not already please contact our customer service team at 1-800-361-8811. We would be more than happy to do a re-print or whatever it takes to make you happy.

  6. Customized Girl says:

    Hello! I know it’s been four years since this post, but I just wanted to say: we did solve this printing issue. In fact, we no longer print light-colored ink on any of these dark-colored sheer ribbed items.

    We tried many different solutions. Adjusting ink settings. Adjusting pretreat settings. Adjusting humidity near the printers. Etc. Etc. Ultimately, we realized that we just shouldn’t be printing on this type of fabric.

    We moved towards more ring-spun, 100% cotton fabrics. We still have a ton of trendy tops available to customize, but none like this particular tank. We do still carry a few ribbed items, but only in light colors. (On light colors, the ink gets into the fabric and the cracking issue above does not happen.)

    We actually made this change years ago, so I’m very late in adding this comment. Sorry about that.

    If you need custom shirts, I really think we are putting out some of the highest quality prints in the entire industry. Maybe *the* highest quality. We’ve added a lot of technology to our printing process. We’ve written a lot of code, and it’s paid off. Come try us out!


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