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MerchantCircle Can Kiss My Consumer Ass


  1. Great article! I never comment on articles but this was an exception. Your effort to follow the breadcrumbs in order to uncover these unethical thugs is appreciated, especially by those of us having to make daily decisions as to where to place our sparing, hard earned advertising dollars. I almost purchased a “package” from Merchant Circle but decided to do a little research first. Then I found your article.

    Thank you!

  2. Serena Murphy says:

    Great blog! I just received an email (spam) from merchant circle. This company just keeps getting worse. This company has no vision any longer. I thought their real low point was copying Four Square with the badges. Now Copying Yelp with reviews. Another Pets.com—

  3. I googled my business out of curiosity because I’m building my website, and my info from 4 years ago came up on merchant circle, wrong address & number.

    So I go through the site trying to figure out how to delete it, it just goes in circles and looks like they want me to register an account and claim my business, in order to do that I have to agree to their TOS (not doing that). I just want my name to be searched and not have the wrong info come up on their stupid page. I never joined in the first place and basically got hijacked!

  4. What pisses me off about merchant circle is the damn lies. Nothing makes me more mad than a damn liar. Merchant circle is a joke and lies about being free. IT IS NOT A FREE SITE. They are full of crap and no good and a SCAM.

  5. I signed up for merchant circle with an old business I had a few years ago as a free account, but never did anything with it. Lately, I noticed several email coming from them that are entirely misleading and spammy with subjects like “NOTIFICATION: Your Financing Application”, “PENDING STATUS: Your business Financing Quote”, “Still waiting to hear form your business…” etc. and they’ve been consistently getting worse, with flashing banners and nonsense. The company has lost all credibility with me.

  6. Ryan Custodio says:

    Thanks for the excellent article. I was looking into signing up my brother-in-laws site to local directories when I found them. I decided to search for more information before doing so and found your gem. Shared to my seo circle on G+.

    Off topic question, do you recommend adding the badges for other, more reputable, local directories?

  7. Dan Wagner says:

    I sure appreciate your candid thoughts – it confirms a feeling I have had about MerchantCircle for a long time – business is there but haven’t done anything with it because I just don’t trust them for some reason (I wonder why).

    Thanks for the confirmation

  8. Dennis Traina says:

    Merchantcircle allows people to create a listing for YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT VERIFICATION so they can LEAVE FRAUDULENT reviews. Do not visit this site if you want accurate information about a business. This is almost the opposite of your topic – I cannot get the listing removed!

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