Let me start off by summing up this entire post in one sentence for those of you busy actually doing some productive shit today (which I usually am):

This “community” is fucked and way too wrapped up in its own communal and deluded level of self importance and needs to get a life.

For those of you who have been asking, here is the truth on why I haven’t blogged lately… I don’t want to be known as an “SEO blogger” or as an “SEO rockstar” because frankly, being associated with the SEO “community” these days is an embarrassment at best and a liability at worst.

The back-biting, the personal laundry being aired in what is now laughably supposed to be a professional environment, the regurgitation, the constant top list reruns no one gives a shit about but everyone aimlessly “Sphinns”. It’s a joke. It’s sad. I’m bored out of my mind.

I don’t care what the ratio of female speakers – or male speakers – at the latest conference is. I don’t care what the latest Cuttlet rage is (Matt has canonical errors! Matt said paid links are bad! Matt commented on my blog! Matt pissed at 10:32 a.m. PST!). I don’t want to know the top twelve ways to bore the living shit out of an experienced SEO/marketer. And I certainly don’t care who your boyfriend is fucking (or who you think is trying to fuck him).

If you want the truth, I will give you the truth. Three quarters of the people you idolize and want to grow up to be like barely make a living on their own or couldn’t at all. Most of the people you read regularly are smoke and mirrors. Some speakers are given subsidies to speak at conferences, not because they refuse to come without it, but because they can’t afford to without it.

Some of the top bloggers spend their days showing clients success reports that show they’ve moved from #22 to #18 for “custom baby stroller wheels” because they can’t handle clients in the high dollar, high competition sectors (and unlike those with real talent they don’t refuse to take clients on in those topics because they could [and do] make more in those sectors as affiliates/on their own).

But there you are – wasting your day following the latest drama from a what is mainly a bunch of talentless hacks. Why the hell should I waste my time outlining my affiliate business plan (which I didn’t guess on, but actually implement with success) to people who won’t even read the whole thing, but will vote it up on Sphinn and then never act on it.

Most people don’t experiment anymore. Most people don’t innovate anymore. And even if they do, they get less attention then the drama king in desperate need to regain the self worth that was taken from him in high school when he was picked last for dodge ball and was purposely tripped in the lunch room and uses you to feel good about himself. In one small, insignificant sector of the blogosphere he’s (or she’s) important. And they live for it. They need it. The define themselves with it. And the convince you to waste your time feeding it.

I’m done with the industry drama. If I want baby mama drama, I’ll watch Maury. Most of the rest of this “community” seems to be content being the Drama King’s (or Queen’s) bitch. Rock on… it leaves less real competition for me.

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