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Learn to Master Crowdfunding through My Failure


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  1. Kerry Jones says:

    Dave, thanks for sharing this. I think anyone would have had a difficult time turning the interest/traffic on reddit into sales, especially since it was so unexpected. Still cool to see just how useful reddit can be for honest, valuable feedback.

    Also, I had no idea it was Charlie who designed that. And I think a video of Charlie explaining/modeling the keyboard would have been the ticket…

  2. Mike Chiasson says:

    Wow great write up. I have like 4 projects that I need to launch on Kickstarter and found this post really insightful!

  3. The F******’g pandas are eating my keyboard again!

  4. Love to see the humility to acknowledge mistakes… and esp learning from mistakes which are more useful to know (i.e. so you avoid repeating them) than success, which provides less actionable lessons.

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