A few weeks ago, I was attempting to point out how much time Streko spent on Twitter (whether or not I spend more time than him on Twitter is irrelevant) and after a number of calculations, gave it to him in actual “time”.

He thought it would make a cool WordPress plugin. Then Barry got wind of it and thought the idea would make a fun site (and offered to actually program it). Add a dash of Design by Reese and today we’ve launched Tweetwasters.

In addition to launching the site (which will calculate the actual time you’ve spent twittering as well as tell you your rank compared to other Twitterers in the system) we’ve also created the Tweetwasters WordPress plugin so that you can display your Tweetwasters stats right on your blog (assuming the amount of time you spend on Twitter is something you *want* to bring to light). For an example, check out my sidebar on Sugarrae.

The plugin is simple and free. The site is the same. We made it to have some fun. We hope you enjoy Tweetwasters and please, feel free to tweet about it.

Is Pinterest part of your marketing plan?

Check out my recent case study that shows how I generated 234,000+ pins (and counting) to a site with only 45 posts. I give you all the details (with specifics) here.