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My SMX West 2013 Takeaways


  1. Cheers for the take-aways Rae, it’s been sooo sooo long since I got to a conference. Your shares from SMX are super valuable for me.

  2. Michael Martin says:


    Great seeing you as always at this SMX Authorship conference :)

    Your first point on H1s would pertain to any HTML format, at least from Google’s view…never heard that Bing provides any weight to an H1 after the first instance for HTML 4.X formats.

    Authorship I feel will be the validation signal for links not just for the writer of the article but as well of those sharing and commenting on it (means to dismiss spam/bot comments/shares).

    In the end, via talks I had with the Google team there won’t be a visible AuthorRank, since as they say, “we learned that lesson with PageRank”, but there will be one internally and I’m sure there will be third party tools attempting to discern that rank, similar to Klout.

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Ha! That definitely was the primary topic of the week. Wish we’d had gotten to hang out more – next conference!

  3. Keri Morgret says:

    Hi Rae,

    Thanks for the shoutout in the post! It was Jennifer Evan Cario who had made the presentation.


  4. Joost de Valk says:

    Thx for this Rae, appreciate you being concise :) . I can attest to the promoted posts stuff, it’s the *only* advertising I though and the ROI is awesome.

  5. Sara Mannix says:

    Thank you for these takeaways, we sat this conference out but love the “golden nuggets” of info that you’ve shared. Will have to try out Pingraphy!

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      You’re welcome Sara – I definitely plan on trying the tool. I get in “moods” re using Pinterest – so this way, I can pin the way I normally do, but spread them out to post to the site in a less “bunchful” manner.

  6. Arnie Kuenn says:

    I thought the exchange between Danny, Duane and Matt when the sound when out was one of the most quick witted, hysterical moments of almost any conference I have been at. #classic (Enjoyed being on the link panel with you too)

  7. Thanks for taking the time to do this, Rae :). I liked reading the wit there from Greg, Duane n Danny.

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