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Link Building in 2011 – The Todd and Jim Show


  1. Matt Pardo says:

    Great perspectives and useful information in this post. Thanks! You have my vote.

  2. TrafficColeman says:

    These guys seems to know their stuff and plus I went over to check out their websites.
    BTW..I voted for you..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  3. Michael O'Reilly says:

    I like your style Rae…I think I’ll hang awhile if you don’t mind…great info! I left my website out on purpose so you would know I really mean it….do you except old fart groupies?

  4. Rafael Montilla says:

    Thanks Rae!! It is a great post.

  5. Enjoyed reading Jim’s answers. Funny guy!

    I also believe that authentic citations will still be the highest form of vote in search rankings, and it will stay that way for a very long time, given that it inject real trust (authentic recomendation from site A to site B) to both users and search engines.

  6. Ryan Clark says:

    Awesome interview and Jim, as always, brings the lols.

    “Fuck Google”

  7. Great article – you did well to get so much detail from those guys. I’ve subscribed to your blog and voted for you ;)

  8. Agree with what Jim said about no-follow links. They really are worthless as the owner of the site is actively telling G that they don’t trust the link…

  9. “Don’t try to put lipstick on a pig”~ Todd. Ha, Ha, Ha! That advice alone was worth the price of admission. I get e-mails from a company offering back-link subscriptions and they had three examples of websites, with prices ranging from around $37.00, $57.00, to over $2,500 per mo. I naturally checked out the sites and their Alexa ranking, and the one with the highest subscription of over $2,500 was ranked over 500,000 in popularity on Alexa! Don’t get duped!
    Also, Sugarrae, what is your opinion on Zoho mail? Thank you.

  10. RAISE UP Consulting says:

    Good questions and clear answers by people who know well their jobs… a tasty article to read.

    Thanks for sharing this very useful (and funny) interview.

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