From Zero to Six Figures: Interview with Tricia Meyer


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  1. Jennifer (PotPieGirl) says:

    Great interview, Rae!

    I am a “zero to 6” gal myself and I can relate to so much Tricia shared in this interview – especially wanting to all the cool stuff!


  2. Find freedom says:

    Very powerful. I was about to give up on my affiliate marketing, but after reading this, I’ve decided to keep pressing on.

  3. Denise O'Berry says:

    Love the story! The more people hear how others have done it, the more confidence they will gain that they can do it too (if they just quit buying all that 4 figure crap that people are selling). It’s a matter of DOING. Thanks for ferreting out the people who can share their story too Sugarrae.

  4. Kelly McCausey says:

    Rae, I really appreciate you introducing me to Tricia. I’m happy to learn about women who are doing so well in affiliate marketing :)

  5. Thumbs up for Tricia and the community she has built around sunshine-rewards. How many other coupon/rewards sites out there rank for key-phrases like “whole turkey in a crock pot”? :)


  6. Bill Parlaman says:


    Very cool stuff. I am making affiliate marketing a priority going forward. Looking to move away from client work and more towards my own thing. Right now SEO client work pays the bills but there is very little freedom. Awesome job Tricia.


  7. I agreed affiliate marketing is the great way to make pretty cool online income but it is hard to believe when you get started. I struggled for almost 2 years to make my first affiliate sale but the moment I made that first sale was a game changer. Now affiliate marketing is fully financing my studies (that was a motive to get started with internet marketing).

    Just loved the interview. It is motivational.

  8. Tricia Meyer says:

    Thanks to Rae for including me and to everyone else for your kind comments.

    @Kush, I did not even believe you until I Googled it myself. You just never know what we will be chatting about in our forum in any given day! It just goes to show that it isn’t always about the monetizing…it’s definitely about creating content and community–even when it is sometimes as incredibly random as turkeys in crockpots!

  9. Hedy @ Penny for my Thoughts says:

    As someone who has been with Sunshine Rewards since it was only a few months old, the fact that that little side site of Tricia’s is netting her six figures amazes me (in a good way).

  10. Great motivational article!! As one of the first members of Sunshine Rewards, I can say that customer service is top notch. Love Sunshine Rewards!

  11. Blessingandmiracle says:

    Great article! This is quite impressive! As a member of Sunshine Rewards I can say that their Customer Service is one of a kind and that sets them apart from all the others. Keep doing what you do Sunshine!

  12. Andrew Richards says:

    Nice interview. It seems that whenever I read about people who have succeed at IM they are the people who have spent anywhere between a few months to a couple years finding their way and making mistakes before they finally hit their stride. Nice work Tricia.

  13. Alex Aguilar says:

    The most interesting thing I got from the interview is how after Tricia hit it big with her coupon forum she immediately started expanding into niche sites, ebooks, consulting, etc. No doubt she’ll be successful at those too.

    I keep seeing this pattern with highly successful affiliate marketers – they can seemingly diversify at will and end up successful in most of their new ventures. Compare this with the vast majority of beginner online marketers who have a hard time gaining traction on ONE site, let alone five.

  14. Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as what other affiliate marketing gurus say it is. It requires a lot of patience and determination. There’s always the time in an affiliate marketers life where he is in the brink of giving up but when the first sale comes in it always gives you the feeling of accomplishing something big. And then you continue doing what you’re doing.

  15. Joe Bennett says:

    i enjoyed this article. But more than enjoyment I got a deep sense of the reality of what it will take to be successful in affiliate marketing. It is articles like this that will keep me going. Persistence & old-fashioned effort are the sure fire ingredients.

  16. Great interview, and thanks for listing her site. I also find value in the comment by Sanam- it helps me, anyway, to know that others have had struggles before they got their first sale. It is nice to have the pepper with the salt. Rae, I am wondering what you spent on Adwords on average per month during your first year in affiliate marketing? Or maybe Tricia could come back and comment on that.

  17. Nice interview. We should have this kind of article more often. Very inspiring. I’ll keep this in mind: “Find what you are passionate about and go with it. ” It says a lot… Thanks Rae and Tricia! :)

  18. Steve Fitzpatrick says:

    I love this story. It’s great to read about others success knowing that if you’re not afraid of hard work it can happen for anyone willing to learn.
    Well done and keep going!

  19. Great read, thanks. It is tough to stay motivated when some ‘get rich quick’ sites will have you beleiving you shoud be hitting $100k in the first year. It is reassuring to hear a story from someone that makes that kind of money, but it took a good while, and plenty of work to get there.

  20. Nice article. Currently employed, soon to be self-employed and very much looking forward to it! I have been thinking about including affiliate marketing on our blogs and after reading this it sounds like a promising additional source of income. I also just read your newsletter and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Rae :)

  21. It’s great to hear that some people are doing so well from affiliate marketing. The problem with voucher code and cash back sites are that the market seems to be saturated with them at the moment. I think there is still a lot of money to be made from blogging and building your site up to being one that people would want to re-visit regularly

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