A Conversation with Super Marketer Lynn Terry


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  1. Matt Duggan says:

    Brilliant interview Rae. I actually first heard of you and your blog via Lynn, so it’s good to see it coming full circle with this post.

    I love that Lynn gave away her big ‘secret’ of how she built so many unique visitors: Consistency. In the current BS climate of ‘push-this-button-and-make-10K-tomorrow’ it’s incredibly easy to not be consistent. This is a great reminder of where that kind of commitment can take you.

    Thank you both for being an inspiration.

  2. Stella | Strategic Blogging for Beginners says:

    Thank you Rae, for bringing Lynn Terry here. She is so amazing and selfless in the amount of details in the information she doles out on her Clicknewz blog.

    I recently found Lynn’s blog while Google-searching for a guide on a topic I wanted to learn and the moment I got there, I was stuck (seriously) sponging for the next 3 hours or so. Eventually I had to subscribe to her RSS feed and then created a ‘Learning with Lynn Terry’ document file on my computer.

    This lady knows her stuff and she is a good teacher. Her passion shines through every single letter on that blog and she writes full, nothing held-back tutorial style blog posts and honest reviews and recommendations. See where she said she’ll work 18 hours daily if she were to start all over again – that’s the honest truth – some make it sound like a breeze and would say ‘2-4 hours daily’.

    Again Rae, thanks for this interview – I love Clicknewz and Lynn is the real thang:)

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