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My Top 9 Online Organizational Tools for Business in 2012


  1. We have a lot of the same tools (not surprisingly) – Basecamp, Raven, Dropbox, Skype Premium, Gravity.

    I don’t use Quickbooks or Shoebox though; for me, I find that Quicken Home and Business works really well for me for keeping track of accounting. This particular version allows you to maintain separate accounts for personal and business, and I can just dump everything out at the end of the year and hand it to my accountant, and she has it all nicely categorized for my tax returns.

    I love Evernote. I particularly love it with Google Reader, as I monitor a lot of alerts and I can very quickly sort them into where they need to go by forwarding them to the appropriate Evernote folder. There’s a free version and a paid version.

    I’ve started playing around with IFTTT (www.ifttt.com) which stands for “if this then that” – it looks pretty powerful. Also free.

    Those are a few of the ones I’m using.

  2. Hugo Guzman says:

    It pains me to say that your New Year’s post is way better than mine : )

    Solid stuff here. I use about half of the tools you listed, and I’ll be checking out the other half ASAP.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Ricardo Bueno says:

    Ah, I love Dropbox, Trip.it, and Basecamp! Haven’t used many of the others, but worth a look.

  4. Very good list. I think you’ve given me a reason to check out TripIt – because I often forget all of that crap when I go to conventions. I think it may be the Jager …

    That, and shoebox’d I’ll have to check out. Have you tried doing the cell phone picture upload feature for it yet? Wondering how the auto-classification and OCR treats those when trying to figure out what they are, heh.

  5. Wasim Ismail says:

    Nice one, I will have to give some of these a try, For me Dropbox, Basecamp and Skype are my daily necessity. I would also say Evernote is a life saver :), once you have it all set-up the way you want it, it makes life that bit easier.

    Happy New Year

  6. Great list you got there.

    I also use many of the tools on the list. I love using Dropbox, and also use Google Docs quite often, it makes collaboration on a document pretty easy.

    I absolutely cannot function without Raven Tools – it makes my job so much easier.

    As for quickbooks, it is actually on my list of thing to get.

    You definitely need to check out Evernote though, it is the most useful tool I’ve ever used.

    Oh, and I also use harvest for time tracking and invoicing.

  7. Phyllis Neill says:

    Great post, and I use many of the same tools. My main gripe with Quickbooks Online is that there is almost NO training online available for the “Online” version, which is appreciably different from the desktop version. Still, once I learned through the school of hard knocks, I like it fine.

    To add you to your list – Zoho CRM. My team and I track all of our client conversations and tasks in this tool, in addition to myself and my biz dev team tracking all our efforts with prospects. Great tool and extremely easy to use and learn.

  8. Kelly King says:

    Wow, great list! I also love Evernote and use it all the time. I am going to check out Raven Tools. I’ve been using Quickbooks (for Mac) for over 10 years and highly recommend it. You can’t beat it as a comprehensive, user friendly accounting system.

  9. As I do blogging and writing with collaborators, Google Docs helps a lot. Revision history, multi-user comments, export.

    I use Google Sites for project management. Last year we created a Google Site for a project. After the project we gutted the content just leaving the structure. Now we clone that template site each new project.

  10. Erik Hom (@Route53) says:

    Nice list. not all of them are relevant for me, but love good organization.

  11. Daniel Milstein says:

    Great list, Rae. I totally agree these are some of the best organizational tools for any business. Dropbox is just too convenient to share large files and works out really great. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is being well organized is the main thing to boost productivity.

  12. What other tools do you recommend in terms of web analytic for SEO? Do you use raven tools for SEO purposes or just link building? As much as I love Google, I’m in search of a tool to replace or work along side Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.


  13. Aaron Flax says:

    Thanks for the list Rae. I went ahead and downloaded Dropbox, love the fact that I don’t have to login online to drop the files. This is definitely an organization +1 post for me. Much appreciated article.

  14. Nice list Rae. I do use Dropbox and will check out some of the others.
    I would like your ideas on site backup’s. Do you have a program you trust or what are your suggestions?
    Thanks for the info,

  15. SteveN Green says:

    This is brilliant and thanks cause I must be the second most disorganized person in the world. Something I love using and you left it out. Google apps.

  16. I really like paytrust.com. They open up your paper bills and scan them for you. Then, you pay everything online from ONE place instead of trying to remember 5,000 logins and passwords. And it is very reasonable.

  17. Chris Lane says:

    Great list of tools. I’ve been using some of these already in my business but will definitely look to add others. I’ve also found Skype to be a fantastic tool for video conferencing, and much cheaper than other enterprise-level tools.

  18. Colman Carpenter says:

    Great list. Just wondering if you’ve considered Google+ hangouts as an alternative to Skype? Seems to me that it’ll do everything you’ve mentioned, and it’s free!

  19. Chris Keller says:

    I’ve been using Dropbox like crazy over the past few months. One of my favorite things about it is the support across multiple devices and from a variety of programs and apps, so I don’t have to access it via browser every time. It just makes the whole thing much more useful and simple.

  20. George Tsafonias (Local Online Guy) says:


    Great list for sure. I also like the following tool.

    CardMunch- http://www.CardMunch.com – iPhone App for organizing your business cards & building your database, unlike other scanning technology applications they actually have a person enter the info and send it back when ready. Once you get it back you can add to phone, send follow up email and last and most important you can connect with the contact on Linked In and FYI they are owned by Linked In.

    Carbonite- http://www.Carbonite.com – backs up everything on my computer automatically, has saved me 3 times this year. Cost like $60.00 for the year. Also allows you to access your computer through an app on your phone.

  21. Sam Drake says:

    I find that as our country becomes more and more technology based, that Skype will become more important. It will allow people to work from home, and if they have kids, could allow parents not not pay for expensive daycare. Also, you can work while on a vacation or just moving from place to place with Skype mobile. There are a lot of possibilities.

    I have used drop box on a personal level to share videos with friends. I have found that it is much easier than sending it to them in an email or a text message because sometimes, the videos are too long and Facebook is not the most private place to post things.

    The TripIt application sound pretty cool. I can also get very disorganized when it comes to vacations and having all my information in one place seems very practical for me.

  22. Robin Jennings says:

    I don’t know where i’d be without Dropbox. Emailing 8 mB InDesign files- no thanks.
    We couldn’t live without it.

  23. I only know about two out of those.

    Skype is the best for me now because it helps me to conduct interview online easily even without buying costly gadgets.


  24. Great list. A must add for me is Wunderkit, for organizing your to-dos on multiple lists and share with others.


  25. Thanks for the list Rae! I want to add some other great tools I’m using myself for running my internet based business:

    Capsule CRM – Great CRM tool with a lot of features and integration possibilities

    Mailchimp – Autoresponder and email Newsletter

    Wufoo forms – Great forms with integrated paymant processing and conversion tracking

    Freshdesk – Support Portal and Tracking system

    Zopim – Online chat tool

    Hope, there is something from interest for you :)

  26. Hi

    just wanna mention two more tool I think are very helpul

    ZOHO invoices and book keeping
    EVERNOTE this is a great tool, save notes,pic and more

    THANKS and happy new year

  27. Thank you for your post. My favorite applications are Evernote, Hootsuite (social media management) – http://hootsuite.com and KanbanTool (task management and real-time collaboration) – http://kanbantool.com/.

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