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Thesis Tutorial – Hooks for Dummies


  1. Christopher Ohlsen says:

    Obviously I am running genesis on my main listing website… but I have a multisite setup at http://svagents.com. I haven’t done anything with the main site of the network but I have several mini sites that I am running. I am using Catalyst-Dynamik, Optimizepress, and Genesis on separate sites within the network… I have read a lot about Thesis and actually just got it but I was a bit confused about how the hooks in worked… I have been reading up on it all day and so far this is the easiest to understand tutorial that I have come across. Thanks!!

  2. It is incredible irony that I have searched for numerous blog articles about Thesis today, and somehow I keep hitting blogs that don’t DATE their articles. This drives me absolutely crazy. Having no relevance of how old something is leaves me wondering if its completely out of date relative to other articles.

    Rae, is there some reason you leave the date stamp off your blog entries?

  3. Great tutorial, slowly the theme is starting to make some sense :)

  4. Hi there. I really like what you are saying but I am still in the dark. I touted THESIS for the last 3 years and now I feel abandoned!!! What I liked about Thesis is you opened it up, put headers in the header place, put content in the pages, could add plugins like easy columns to divide up your work.

    Now I am totally in the dark. I open the pages and I can’t load a header with the click of a button. I feel like it makes 0 sense. Any suggestions on how to actually make sense.

    I want a simple solution where I open, load the header, hit submit.

    Change navigation colors but clicking in color boxes or adding color code.

    Am I looking at a different back end because all I see are what looks like these weird boxes which tell me I need all kinds of code and understanding of code to load stuff up. I have no clue as to what a hook is. I think the sad time may have come where I have to find a new favorite Theme. That would be too bad for Chris considering I build 7-10 websites a month on Thesis.

    Any thoughts on how I could have this make sense at all? Or do I just keep using the old theme?

  5. Forrest says:

    I find it ridiculous that everyone is raving about about Thesis and Genesis and how “easy it is to learn” and “customize”. These themes and frameworks are bunk.

    The amount of time that everyone is wasting learning how to use Thesis or Genesis could of been shortened by learning a bit about WordPress and the WP Codex. Or a bit of CSS.

    Want a custom header image, use CSS. Want a custom header on a particular page, use the WP is_page function to apply custom CSS to only that page. Done. Oh, and once you learn a little about WordPress and CSS, you can use it on ALL themes. Not just one.

    Wait, that’s code. I don’t know code…. Well, what the hell was this 50 page article about? Hooks? Looks like a buch of code to me.

    Instead of wasting your time learning about some hyped up framework, learn about the real framework, WORDPRESS!!!

    Now excuse me as I spend the next two hours figuring out how to write some stupid Thesis hook for a custom template, which I could of done in five minutes with the collective knowledge of the WordPress community.


  6. Thank you so much- I have been struggling for so long with the header thing. Now I’ve put your command in the .customs_functions .php file and with slight moderations in css it worked, great!
    THX, Chris

  7. Oh, I checked my site again- I’m on a small macBook and I just realised that I can now scroll the site to the left and to the right … hm- how can I get rid of that?

    • Rae Hoffman says:

      Chris – it sounds like the width of your site is set to be larger than your small Macbook – it was probably dynamically resizing when you didn’t have a header, but with a graphical header, it will always remain the minimum width of that header. Does that make sense?

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