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How to Add Crazy Egg Code to the Thesis Theme


  1. Seamus Campbell says:

    I’m not very good at php, but I think you’ve left out a <?php in your code
    I think it should be:


    • Rae Hoffman-Dolan says:

      Weird… the <?php was in my post, but you’re right, it wasn’t showing in the output even though it was all wrapped in code tags. Not sure why it left all the rest alone but killed off that one piece. However, I’ve changed the < to the ascii version and it suddenly starting showing. Thanks for noticing! I'd tested them all and knew they worked and missed that they'd been stripped. In short, fixed! :D

  2. Seamus Campbell says:

    Thanks heaps for this post – I didn’t know CrazyEgg existed.
    Have inserted your code and waiting impatiently to see my website’s snapshot.

  3. If I want to add Facebook’s ad conversion pixel (conversion code) to a specific page/post in THESIS in the section, is it going to be possible to do it as you explained above?

    (THESIS does have an “Embed Your Own Javascript” box in each page/post, but I don’t know if it sticks the code in between the head tags.)

    • I don’t see why not. Should work the same if you just substitute the Crazy Egg code for the FB code. You only need to do it via the above though if you only want it to appear some specific posts or pages and not all of them though. In Thesis 1.8.5, if you want to put a script in the head section, you can just go to Site Options > Additional Scripts and put the code in that box – but it will appear on ALL pages of the site if you do. I’m not sure where the “embed your own JavaScript” on the specific post and page screens outputs in Thesis though – but should be easier enough to test by adding the code, saving and then viewing the source of the post to see where it outputs. Hope this helps!

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