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Starting Your First Email Newsletter


  1. Love this post, thanks :)

    I’ve just started my own email list (ironically, I’ve 9 people on it), so this tip has been helpful :D

    Will Tweet!

  2. Great post, thanks Lynn. Always enjoy things you have to say. Since I work in helping small businesses get online- email is still a very powerful tool. Start that email list everyone!

  3. Elaine Lindsay says:

    Thanks for this excellent post Lyn. although so many are touting the end of email, I see it as a very viable avenue of connection to your clients.
    I know I appreciate all the tips and info I get from the email newsletters I am subscribed to such as Marketing profs, Esperanza Universal, etc.. Have been involved in a number of email newsletters for clients. Now that I am concentrating on Social Media I too am starting a newsletter…

  4. Greetings and Gidday from Downunder Rae,

    Just discovered you via inbound (the Jan 2014 post re Matt re links,SEO etc.), and love your style!

    I’ve been “doing” the net since 1996, and still don’t have an email list/newsletter/plan, despite all the reading and procrastination.

    THIS post was a total facepalm moment – because that was how much of an “of course” and DOUW! moment it was!

    So thanks. Needless to say, I’ve signed up for your n/letter, and am now stalking, er following you on the various SM channels. ;-)

    See you round the toobs, and thanks again

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